James Younger Decides To Be A Boy!

by TR News

We have published a couple of articles about the tragic case of James Younger, whose mother wants him to transition and become a girl. James Younger Decides To Be A Boy!

Transgendering Child Abuse

Back on the 24th and 25th of October, we published articles about James Younger – you can find them HERE and HERE. TR.News helped to highlight the tragedy and dangers of child transitioning. Unfortunately, James’s mother (a qualified paediatrician with her own practice) has pushed James into thinking he is a girl. She painted his nails, dressed him in girls clothes, referred to him by a female name “Luna” and registered him as “Luna” during his time in kindergarten. James’s mother calls him “Luna” when she takes him to school.

James’s dad has had to fight tooth and nail to try and stop James’s mother from socially and medically transitioning him. The above video gives a brief update on the whole situation; James’s dad can no longer talk about the case due to a court-sanctioned gagging order.

Woman Scorned

As the last court case provided James’s dad with joint managing conservatorship over James and his twin brother Jude, James’s mother cannot go ahead legally with any medical transitioning without his consent. In the ruling, one of the court findings highlighted a statement from Dr Albritton, the custody evaluator, that Dr Georgulas (James’s mother) was “over and above affirming.” The court also found that “the Mother has exceeded the scope of the exclusive rights and duties provided in the prior order.”

Because James’s father has managed to obtain equal rights legally through a court order, James’s mother is displeased with the outcome and as such decided to petition for the judge’s recusal in this ongoing custody battle. Just pause for a moment and reflect on the fact a FATHER had to go to court to obtain equal parental rights so he could put a stop to life-changing decisions made without his consent, decisions that would affect his children for the rest of their natural lives.

Dr. Georgulas Wants Judge To Recuse

Dr. Georgulas Wants Judge To Recuse

There is some good news to update everybody on, and that is James’s dad can now see his boys on school nights and for the first time James has been able to attend school as a boy, judging by the picture he doesn’t seem too worried about that. Below is a recent video of a proud father, fighting for the lives of his BOYS!

God bless him and his boys.

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