Israeli tourists cleared of gang-raping British woman

by TR News

TWO weeks ago, 12 Israeli tourists were arrested for gang-raping a British national in Cyprus.

The victim claimed she fainted as the men took turns raping her. Her story sparked a city-wide manhunt.

In the days that followed, the young men were hunted like rats and physically attacked by people left enraged by the disgusting crime. The Israelis spent over a week behind bars, fighting for their freedom.

By Monday the 29th of July, after a harrowing almost two weeks, those same, 12 young men were released without charge. The British woman had lied.

When this story first hit the headlines, many journalists the world over seemed thrilled to report a horrific crime allegedly perpetrated by Israelis.

Social media feeds were full of people frothing at the news, each as eager as the next to lay blame without any proof.

“Jews have rape gangs too, see? You hypocrites won’t talk about it!” This was becoming the battle-cry of those quick to condemn the accused Israeli lads without evidence, which ironically included the Jewish-Leftist Media, who would have thought Jews had opposing political and ideological beliefs and biases?

But something about the story didn’t sit right with us. Unlike British Muslim rape gangs, whose members are often convicted and rightly attract outrage and condemnation, this case was merely a series of accusations.

Knowing this political climate is bursting with false rape allegations – from Brett Kavanaugh, to the ongoing attacks on Donald Trump – We held our breath.

Israeli Tourists Cleared Of Gang-Raping British Woman

A few days later, our waiting for evidence rather than rushing to condemn an accusation was totally justified. The young woman had fabricated the story.

The damage was already done. Social media was ablaze with antisemitism and misandry, as if this story somehow justified any harboured, long-held hostility towards Jews and those of us who happen to be born with male genitalia. And despite the men being cleared and innocent of the crime, the bigger issue was swept under the rug.

False allegations – whether they concern domestic violence or sexual assault – are more common than we could ever imagine.

Feminists have been particularly vocal on this subject, but not in the way you’d expect. Unsurprisingly, they’ve done their best to put this issue to bed, claiming further reporting on the story “sensationalises fake rape and abuse claims by woman instead of focusing on the real victims — women”.

This response is many things – but helpful is not one of them.

Even as men continue to be falsely accused and later exonerated, we continue to overlook the silent epidemic.

Even in the last few months, an Australian man stopped at a service station to help a woman having car trouble. After getting her vehicle working, the woman happily hugged him in thanks before leaving. Later, she claimed he sexually assaulted her. It all but destroyed his life.

Good Samaritan spends two weeks in a maximum security prison after woman whose car he helped fix falsely accused him of indecent assault

According to popular Australian women’s blog, Mamamia, it is “an insult to the one woman murdered by her current or former partner every week” to discuss the false allegations against men.

But why?

The real insult here, in this case, is to the 12 young men who went on holiday to have a good time, and were wrongfully accused, bashed and jailed for a rape they did not commit.

The fact that one woman is murdered by her partner a week is undoubtedly horrifying. It should be condemned because violence towards anyone is inexcusable.

But these problems are not mutually exclusive. We can talk about both without undermining the importance of one or the other.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing men in this day and age is a justice system that views men as guilty until proven innocent. In many cases that concern the “he said, she said”, she said wins.

Luckily for the Israeli men, the incident was caught on camera. But many men are not so lucky.

In their twisted attempt to defend the British national and her false allegations, publications like Mamamia have also claimed that these young men were still wrong for filming the “victim”, because it was done without her consent.

As unfortunate as it is to say, the woman destroyed her credibility the moment she lied about being gang-raped. Why should we believe her now?

The men were lucky they filmed their interactions – it saved them from navigating a legal system that doesn’t care about justice.

The footage, now leaked online, clearly shows the woman posing for the camera, looking comfortable and – most importantly – consenting.

Mamamia, once again, asserted that

violence against women is common, horrifically common. So much so we get fatigued by the amount of stories that are written about it.

So instead we report on the exception.”

This is no exception.

False allegations of domestic violence and rape are increasing at an alarming rate, encouraged by a society that hashtags lying into reality, with movements like #believewomen and #metoo.

Courts issue an estimated 1.5 million false or trivial restraining orders annually. This accounts for around 70 percent of the total number of restraining orders issued every year and, in at least 50 percent of those cases, no violence has actually occurred. Devastatingly, most of these restraining orders are filed by women.

Further studies from around the world verify that many women manipulate the justice system in a cruel attempt to punish their ex-partners – often making up claims out of jealousy or revenge.

Meanwhile, men who file for restraining orders against a former partner are often rejected — even with well-backed evidence.

In other cases, women file false rape reports for attention or as the result of emotional instability. Others do it to extort money, gain sole custody of children or even escape military deployments, according to Linda Fairstein, a former head of the sex-crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

So, instead of saying we shouldn’t report this, where a woman was caught in a lie, why don’t we report on it all?

And while we’re at it, let’s fight for REAL equality under the law. You know, in the spirit of what feminism originally sought to achieve.

Sadly, many real victims fight to be taken seriously in the sea of so many fake allegations and stories. It is an insult to them and their experiences that we let false claims fly under the radar and allow perpetrators to walk away with no repercussions.

The biggest injustice in this case has nothing to do with the British national. It is a system that frowns upon the experiences of men.

The lives of these 12 young men could have been ripped away based on a lie. And yet, in the infinite wisdom of the judicial system, the woman who fabricated the story will face only a maximum one-year sentence.

These crimes deserve more air time, and indeed, harsher penalties. In this case, the punishment should be 12 times more.

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