What you need to know about Israel VS Islamic Jihad

by Avi Yemini

Israel is currently under attack, but I doubt you’ll hear much about what’s really happening from the mainstream media, until Israel responds with force.

Forget the fake news. This is the truth: WATCH it, then SHARE it.

In the start of this month, the terrorist group Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of rockets at Israel hitting homes and injuring civilians.

In response to those rocket attacks, on November 12, the Israeli Defence Force conducted a precise military operation neutralising and killing the leader of Islamic Jihad, Baha Abu al-Ata.

Al-Ata is the Bin Laden or al-Baghdadi of Palestine. His targeted assassination is as important as those were and should be celebrated as a win for freedom just the same. He’s the leader of Islamic Jihad, for god’s sake.

Since the Al-Ata operation two days ago, Islamic Jihad has fired approximately 500 missiles at civilian targets in Israel.

In an attempt to defeat the terror attacks, the Israeli airforce has stepped up their operations in Gaza Strip with more precise missions which have so far targeted and killed at least 20 Islamic Jihad terrorists.

While most of the world remains silent as rockets rain on Israel. The Islamic world and leftists are busy condemning the only Jewish state for protecting her citizens from Islamic Jihad terror.

Remember, Islamic Jihad is firing hundreds of rockets from CIVILIAN populated neighbourhoods in Gaza at CIVILIANS in Israel. Two war crimes in one hit.

But somehow these people blame Israel who is tracking the individual Islamic Jihadists and neutralising them, to protect CIVILIANS.

You need to pick a side. We all do.

Islamic Jihad is a threat to all of us. They don’t just want Israel; they want a worldwide caliphate. That’s precisely what Islamic Jihad means.

Picking a side doesn’t mean you think we should send military reinforcements to Israel, that’s not even what they need. Picking a side means you’re willing to stand up and make your voice heard; I STAND WITH ISRAEL IN DEFEATING ISLAMIC JIHAD ONCE AND FOR ALL.

As the hashtag started by the IDF goes; #JiHadEnough.

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