Islamists Democratic Jihad – Operation Muslim Vote 2019

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Asghar Bukhari founded MPACUK – The Muslim Public Affairs Committee. Islamists Democratic Jihad – Operation Muslim Vote 2019.

Muslim Demographics Change Politics

Asghar Bukhari, the founder of MPACUK, is a devoted Islamist who has courted ex-members of al-Muhajiroun and publicly justified jihad.

He said:

“Muslims who fight against the occupation of their lands are ‘Mujahadeen’ and are blessed by Allah. And any Muslim who fights against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise. Any public attack on Islam and the Ummah is not going to be tolerated by men like me. I have dealt with these Zionists before, a veneer of reason, below which lies a crooked mind plotting and planning to extend their hatred against us”.

You can find that and more by clicking HERE.

Asghar Bukhari's Love For Lee Rigby's Killer

Asghar Bukhari’s Love For Lee Rigby’s Killer

Asghar Bukhari also has a soft spot for Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo, referring to him as “measured, articulate, intelligent and purposeful”. In fact, when Asghar spoke to Adebolajo, he was in “awe” of his belief. Thinking of himself as a “firm believer” Asghar said (of Adebolajo):

“He believed so much in his cause and in his faith, that at times I wondered about my own belief. I had always thought I was a firm believer, but in comparison, sitting there, I wondered if I had ever believed at all —his belief was beyond anything I had seen or experienced in my entire life. I can’t say hearing him, didn’t shake me – it did to my core”.

Asghar also referred to Lee Rigby’s killer as “reasonable, not mad, not a fanatic, a man who did what he did for a cause he would give his life for”.

You can read more about Asghar’s jihadist love in by clicking HERE. If this does not motivate people to step up and do something, then nothing will. Our country will be lost to the likes of him and his kin forever!

Democratised Islamism

MPACUK is currently running a campaign – “Operation Muslim Vote 2019”. It aims to get the Muslim demographic energised and mobilised to make sure the Muslim “block vote” does maximum damage to the Conservative Government who are supposedly “deeply Islamophobic, racist and xenophobic”.

Operation Muslim Vote UK

Operation Muslim Vote UK

Asghar’s MPACUK is firmly behind Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party because Corbyn has “pledged to recognise a Palestinian state, stop the state surveillance policy of Prevent, stand up for Kashmir’s self-determination and much more”. So as usual Corbyn has promised to back parts of the world infested with the cancer of jihadism and kowtow to domestic Islamists who don’t like our security services preventing terrorism.

Asghar’s hatred of any criticism or satire of Islam, Muslims and his beloved prophet is well known. Douglas Murray exposed Asghar’s thin skin and his hatred of free speech in a Sky News debate about the Charlie Hebdo killings. A terror attack carried out by proponents of “the religion of peace, tolerance and understanding”.

MPACUK is very open and honest about their intentions. If you take a look at their “successes” in booting out “Islamophobic” MP’s on their website, the quranic justification is evident.

Quran Inspired Political Campaign By MPACUK

Quran Inspired Political Campaign By MPACUK

If you were to think this type of calculated “Muslim vote” campaign is a first you would be mistaken, MPACUK has done this before and so have their Islamist brethren in MEND. Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) have known links to extremists. They have also “boasted” about influencing governmental power, they have turned “swing” parliamentary seats up for grabs by siding with a political party best serving their interests. The Islamist demographic in this country is waging jihad on democracy, ironically, by using democracy against itself. Read more about that HERE.

MEND Waging Political Jihad

MEND Waging Political Jihad

Britains Suicidal Tendencies

Our country is in the process of suiciding with an ever-growing and influential Muslim demographic, it’s a political weapon, and the “wrong type” of Muslim is fully prepared to use it. When we say “the wrong type of Muslim” we mean the kind of Muslim like Asghar Bukhari who’s favourite “Islamic scholar” is none other than the infamous (and now very dead) Anwar al-Awlaki, the man who features in the video at the top of this page.

Asghar Bukhari's Favorite Scholar Anwar al-Awlaki

Asghar Bukhari’s Favorite “Islamic Scholar” Anwar al-Awlaki

The people of Britain MUST stand up to this Islamist threat, the focus and use of the highly effective Muslim demographic will end up subverting our democracy and freedoms.

You can find the MPACUK website campaign page HERE. Maybe British people need to go canvassing and spreading the message of what MPACUK stands for, who its founder is and what they hope to achieve.

MPACUK is campaigning in the following constituencies in the hope they can turf out “Islamophobic” MP’s:

Southampton Itchen – Royston Smith – Maj: 31, Muslim Pop: 2777
Pudsey – Stuart Andrew – Maj: 331, Muslim Pop: 1640
Hastings & Rye – Amber Rudd (Minister of DWP) – Maj: 346, Muslim Pop: 1237
Chipping Barnet – Theresa Villers (Minister for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) -Maj: 353, Muslim Pop: 5619
Stoke-on-Trent South – Jack Brereton – Maj: 663, Muslim Pop: 3734
Bolton West – Chris Green – Maj: 936, Muslim Pop: 1825
Pendle – Andrew Stephenson – Maj: 1279, Muslim Pop: 15579
Harrow East – Bob Blackman – Maj: 1757, Muslim Pop: 13471
Milton Keynes South – Iain Stewart – Maj: 1725, Muslim Pop: 5670
Milton Keynes North – Mark Lancaster – Maj: 1915, Muslim Pop: 6243
Chingford & Woodford Green – Ian Duncan Smith – Maj: 2438, Muslim Pop: 6604
Reading West – Alok Sharma (Minister for International Development) – Maj: 2876, Muslim Pop: 5023
Uxbridge & Ruislip South – Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) – Maj: 5034, Muslim Pop: 7991
Wycombe – Steve Baker – Maj: 6578, Muslim Pop: 14493

Time to get organised!

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