Islamists And Communists Fight It Out In Syria

by TR News

Donald Trump has come under fire for withdrawing US troops from Syria even though he made that promise during his political campaign. Now Islamists and communists fight it out in Syria.

The Middle East Mess

Whenever a western country is drawn into a conflict in the Middle East, it becomes a messy and complicated affair due to tribal, religious and political differences in the region.

Donald Trump withdrew American troops from Syria as he promised during his political campaign to become president. Trump always made the point that he didn’t think America should be the policeman of the world. He said that conflict in the Middle East has cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and that America has got bogged down with conflicts costing Trillions of dollars with little to show for it.

Take, for example, Afghanistan, after eighteen years, how is Afghanistan doing? The Taliban are stronger, they have captured and now control more land than they did since they were toppled in 2001, it’s about half of the country. Rival tribes, political factions, sectarian militants, terror groups like IS and Al-Qaeda and various warlords plague Afghanistan in a never-ending fight for territory, influence and power.

Fighting theocratic/autocratic dictatorships pursuing an agenda for “regime change” hasn’t worked out particularly well in Afghanistan. Forcing democracy onto populations who see it as a foreign intrusion or unwanted influence will be met with suspicion. Factions of the “conquered” population will fight “foreign invaders” or use the invaders for their own political and financial advantage. Political corruption is rife in Afghanistan; they can’t even hold elections without allegations of “poll rigging.

The YPD Fighting In Syria

The YPD Fighting In Syria

Lessons Learned Or History Repeating?

President Donald Trump is a realist and a pragmatist who looks at the financial and human cost of conflicts that Americans have been drawn into. Troops serving in shithole countries that are embroiled in a perpetual state of conflict will always get dragged into no-win situations with no end game in sight. Politicians don’t really care all that much generally speaking. Politicians don’t have to deal with the cost of loosing loved ones who serve in the military for the most part. It’s the working-class folk who make up the majority of the armed forces. It’s mostly working-class families Donald Trump writes letters to, honouring the sacrifice of their loved ones for “the greater good”. That must be a heavy burden on any leader.

Removing US troops from Syria has caused an uproar domestically and internationally for Donald Trump. Has he made the right decision? Will his decision now allow ISIS to re-group as some political hawks have intimated? Only time will tell, but one thing we can all be sure of is a centuries-old conflict between Kurds and Turks.

The USA and its Western allies fought alongside Kurds to destroy the ISIS caliphate in Syria; this has been successful. However, would the Kurds have destroyed ISIS on their own? Probably not, so there was a mutual benefit for both the West and the Kurds to fight ISIS together in that regard.

The complexities of the Kurdish issue are great; many Kurdish fighters are aligned with the PKK. The PKK is, in fact, the Kurdistan Workers Party; they are revolutionary socialists. They have been engaged in armed battles and acts of terrorism with Turkey long before the Islamist government of Erdoğan came to power. Pre-Erdoğan secularist governments of Turkey fought the PKK when Turkey was less “Islamic” politically speaking.

There are specific factions of Kurds who make up the PYD, and the YPG in Syria, Western forces have been working with them to fight ISIS. The PYD is the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, and the YPG is considered to be another affiliated militant wing of that party which is allied with the PKK, a socialist revolutionary terrorist organisation.

Although a Turkish broadcasting service produced the video below, it is worth watching as it may go some way to explaining the complexities of the Turkish, Kurdish and American political fallout.

Take a look at the Kurdish project; you can find their website by clicking HERE. The Kurdish project website explains the complexities of Kurdish factions fighting in Syria against ISIS.

It is also worth noting that military trained fighters from Western countries travelled to Syria to fight ISIS. When they joined up with with some Kurdish groups, they found them to be revolutionary Communists wanting to set up a Marxist-Leninist state in Kurdistan. Read more about that by clicking HERE.

Was Donald Trump right to work with the Kurds to bring down the ISIS caliphate? Is Donald Trump right not to get involved in an age-old conflict between Communist terrorist revolutionaries and Turkey?

Just for the record, we are not saying that ALL Kurds are revolutionary Communists because they are not, but a significant number of them are. Is that another Middle Eastern mess we should be drawn into?

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