Islamist Linked MCB Demands Drive Muslim Votes

by TR News

MPACUK, MEND, and now Islamist linked MCB demands drive Muslim votes. Marginal seats have become a strategic target of the Muslim community.

Destructive Demographic Jihad

On Thursday the 12th of December there will be a general election, your vote will either push Brexit through and maintain the right to criticise Islam and Muslims legitimately, or we will remain in the European Union with yet more curtailments to free speech. Muslim groups like MPACUK and MEND have started their campaigns to coerce Muslims into voting for a political party (which if we are honest, will be Labour) that will accommodate their demands.

You can read more about that HERE and HERE.

MCB Muslim Vote

MCB Muslim Vote

Demographic Demagoguery

Now it is the turn of the Muslim Council of Britain (we have always wondered why it’s not called the Muslim Council of GREAT Britain?) who launched a #MuslimsVote Registration Day. The MCB is pushing for legislation that defines “Islamophobia” just as MEND and MPACUK are doing, that is not a coincidence because all three of these organisations want to shut down criticism of the Islamic ideology in furtherance to their Islamist agenda.

MCB Policy Pledges

MCB Policy Pledges

The MCB is calling on Muslims to target eighteen “high impact” and thirteen “medium impact” voting constituencies that could switch to a political party that “better serves” the interests of Muslims. Voters who would almost certainly keep us in the EU and enable a new Government to push through a legislative definition of “Islamophobia”.

Harun Khan, the secretary general of MCB, said:

“As active participants in our society, Muslims – in all their diversity – can play a significant role in what may become a close election, and we hope that the parties listen and reach out to Muslim communities across the country to engage on issues of concern.”

MCB Targeted Constituencies

MCB Targeted Constituencies

If you want to get out of the European Union and hold onto your right to legitimately criticise the terrible idea that is Islam and stop the erosion of our sovereign state, you will need to strategise and vote tactically yourselves.

Find out how to do that by clicking HERE.

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