Islamic TERRORIST begs to come ‘home’ to Australia

by Avi Yemini

A Sydney jihadi who joined Islamic State in Syria is pleading for him and his family to be allowed to return home.

Mohammed Noor Masri wants his pregnant wife and his three children, taken out of Syria.

“I was born there. I was a hardworking man and I became religious and then I wanted to do what I thought was right which ended up being the wrong thing,” he said.

The 26-yr-old said he is regretful of joining ISIS and came close to be killed many times.

Masri surrendered to Kurdish forces in eastern Syria a month ago after the fall of the ISIS stronghold Baghouz.

He said he travelled to Syria as a misguided follower of Islam rather than a terrorist recruit and insisted he was not aware of the brutality and murder carried out by Islamic State.


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