Islam Is Responsible For Raping Great Britain!

by TR News

Tommy Robinson went to Russia to kick-start his campaign highlighting the industrialised rape of British children by Muslim gangs. Islam Is Responsible For Raping Great Britain!

Uncomfortable Maybe – But Facts Don’t Care About Feelings

“I want to finish this with a message to the MP’s and to big-tech. I want to reiterate the words I gave in 2010. If politicians aren’t going to stick up for us, we will make them because we will cause so much fuss and so much noise their gonna have to listen. We will not back down or be beaten into submission. We don’t care if you call us racist we are coming anyway, we are gonna continue doing it until someone listens. A society that cannot defend its children has no future.”
Tommy Robinson

You can read more about Muhammad The Raping Criminal Warlord by clicking HERE.

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