Islam In Scotland – A Story

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A contribution from: Anonymous

Unlike England, Scotland, to be fair hasn’t had a real taste of Islamic domination within their towns, communities and cities as yet. However, it is coming if mass immigration of people steeped in an Islamic based belief system continues. Scotland I feel is sleepwalking into the same scenario as England, Germany and other countries around the world, without learning any lessons, unless our politicians in Scotland stand up and have the balls to tell it how it is.

Because, this is not solely about in your face terrorism, or about extreme Islamic voices within our communities, it’s also very much about Islam’s silent majority and their quiet determination to dominate by stealth, steadily enforcing their ideology upon the non-Muslim population, along with their resistance to assimilating wherever they live. This being accomplished by taking full advantage of our tolerant liberal values. Of which, I feel they will have no such intention of returning to us once complete domination of Islam has been accomplished.

That is the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The “ordinary” every day Muslim who shows no sign of extremism still follows the same religion that drives extremists, because it is written, and the vast majority (not all, but the majority) of Muslims 100% believe in every word written in their holy book, whether they are good friends with you or just pass the time of day with you.

I say this because of a personal experience that I had at a time some years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about Islam.

At that time, I was socialising with a Tunisian guy at work, we spent a lot of time together out of working hours, he was someone who I considered to be a good friend of mine. However, I had a bit of a shock coming. When 911 shocked the world that very same guy I had considered to be a close friend was, to say the least, absolutely elated about what had just happened to the Twin Towers and people within. That sparked my curiosity as well as my suspicion, as to where his mindset was conceived, because although I had the belief he was a good friend of mine, It was clear to me that should I have been one of the victims within the Tower’s he would still be just as happy about the situation. This was a Muslim man who for all intentions was integrated, just an everyday good guy. Mind blowing to say to say the least.

People are so quick to shout racist when these sort of real-life experiences are voiced as a matter of concern, it’s as if all other cultures are included. This, of course, is not the case, as there doesn’t seem to be the same level of concern over other races/faiths brought to this country through immigration.

I am Scottish and supporter of the SNP, but I’m also a fervent supporter of Tommy. Although I’m not sure about where the SNP are heading on immigration. I don’t believe in blindly following any political party. Politicians must see things for what they are and call a spade a spade for the good of the people and their future. I, for one, am sick of namby-pamby political correct doublespeak from politicians.

It seems that politicians from all parties see the opportunity to increase their chances of gaining political success, but only if they pander to the ever-expanding Islamic community, in return, they collect an increased Islamic block vote. This will work in the politician’s favour for a while, until the Islamic community rise to a certain size and stand for election themselves, then, hey’ presto! The smart politicians are out of a job, in steps the Muslim politicians ready to further their agenda.

I have posted my concerns many times on Facebook, but what good is that? Unfortunately, most will look upon my post as me just having another rant and won’t even read it. Therein lies the problem, heads in the sand, the elephant in the room, and the pathway set to our demise with Islamic domination on the horizon. And when it’s too late, those who criticised me will say, why didn’t anyone do anything about this before now?

You have been warned.

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