ISIS Leader Died Like A Dog!

by TR News
Died Like A Dog

Yesterday Donald Trump announced some fantastic news to the world. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – ISIS leader died like a dog!

What Is ISIS?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder and leader of ISIS, murdered, raped, pillaged, tortured and displaced millions of people in the region because his religious vision of the world matched that of his prophet – Muhammad. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raised his caliphate because of an obsession, a need, a sacred duty even, to take Islam and the rest of the world back to a 7th-century legal code and ultimately bring about the apocalypse.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ISIS wanted a return to the “piety” of Muhammad and his “rightly guided caliphs” the al-Khulafa’ al-Rashidun, they were the four caliphs who ruled for approximately 30 years after Muhammad’s death. The salaf al salih (Salafists) are essentially a branch of Islam that seek to emulate Muhammad and the “rightly guided caliphs” (collectively known as the “pious forefathers”). Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi promoted the genuine and “original Islam” of the 7th century.

By forcing “original Islam” on vast swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi left a trail of bloodshed behind him; his brutality perfectly encapsulated a 7th-century medieval Arabian warlord mindset. He punished, raped, tortured and murdered Christians, Yazidi’s, Kurds and other Muslims who didn’t toe the line didn’t fare so well either. Apologists like to separate ISIS from Islam; however, they are intrinsically linked by religion and history; this cannot be denied.

Savagery Met With Brutality

Donald Trump yesterday confirmed that US special forces went into a compound in Syria, killed and captured ISIS leaders and friends of al-Baghdadi. They chased al-Baghdadi down a tunnel where the sick Muhammad copycat took his life and the lives of his three children by blowing himself up using a suicide vest. Trump said the terror mastermind was chased down the tunnel by a military dog and that al-Baghdadi died a coward, screaming, whimpering and running away in fright.

The world is a better place without Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; however, his ISIS and its legacy will continue to live, thrive even. Destroying the founder, his friends and other ISIS leaders will not damage the ideology that drives it because the ideology is the authentic, real, 7th century “original Islam” as practised by Muhammad and his “rightly guided caliphs.”

ISIS In Britain

While the USA has been fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq with the help of different tribal, religious and political factions in the region, they have captured many ISIS fighters and their families. Donald Trump told European nations that they must take these fighters back and imprison them or put them on trial, either way, it’s not the responsibility of the USA to indefinitely hold captured barbarians that cost US tax-payers. It’s a position that’s hard to not agree with, many people from Europe, and especially Britain, exported their “nationals” who went to fight for and alongside ISIS.

Britain has been paralysed with the politicisation of the “homegrown” ISIS fighter issue. We have let in hundreds of ISIS fighters back into the country. Yet, we have stripped the citizenship of a beastly buck-toothed ISIS bride Shamima Begum and denied her return, further frustrating any “consistency” in dealing with returning jihadists. Donald Trump threatened to drop ISIS fighters at the UK border, and with good reason, because European nations, as well as Britain, have in the most part refused to deal with their “homegrown” problems.

The issue of “repatriating” ISIS fighters is perhaps due to the ridiculous laws the EU has forced on its member states with human rights legislation; it’s an ironic example of how problematic these laws are when attempting to deal with barbaric terrorists. Perhaps Britain and European nations can see the difficulties of the legislation and think its best to leave these animals in Syria and Iraq stateless rather than deal with them using weak laws that can and would be challenged in the courts.

The Case For Internment And Treason

Right now, Islamic State is a proscribed terrorist organisation; however, what the Government could do is “declare war” on this “Islamic State”. Boris Johnson is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and he has the power through a “Royal Prerogative” to unilaterally place the UK on a war footing with ISIS. These powers are derived from the Crown rather than Parliament, and as Boris is the Queen’s head of her Government, he does not need the permission of Parliament to take this action.

If Boris took this action, he could use these powers to invoke a “derogation” of Article 15 of the Convention on Human Rights which means that any “returnees” from ISIS could be “interned” and kept away from the British public. Going down this route would ensure the safety and security of the British people, it could avoid costly fights in the courts and it has the benefit of gathering up the 3000 extremists who are continuously monitored by MI5, the 400 or so returned ISIS fighters and even 20,000 plus who are considered a threat but not monitored 24/7.

Back in 2001, the UK invoked its right to the “derogation” of Article 15 of the Convention on Human Rights after the terrorist atrocity of 9/11 which gave rise to the extended powers of arrest and detention enacted under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. Although not free from public or Parliamentary scrutiny, new legislation could be brought into play. If Parliament had the political will to enact laws stating that anyone who fought with or for ISIS would be committing an act of treason, therefore putting the British State at risk If Boris coukld do that he would strengthen laws to properly deal with terrorists. Who in the right mind would ever defend ISIS supporters? Well maybe Jeremy Corbyn, but that would only damage him politically anyway and expose the idiocy and weakness of any future Labour Government, the British people are not stupid,the vast majority would never vote to support ISIS terrorists.

The Government’s main priority is the safety and the wellbeing of its citizens, first and foremost.

You can read more about internment HERE.

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