Is It OK To EAT Cats And Dogs

by TR News
Dogs Butchered For Their Meat In China

Mans best friend is on the menu, and cats too. Should this even be a question – Is it ok to eat cats and dogs?

Has The MOJ Gone Barking Mad?

In Great Britain, we have a deep love and affection for our furry friends. We are a nation of animal lovers; mans best friend is trained to protect, guide, find and retrieve all sorts of things. Dogs are not just working animals; they are our friends; they are part of the family, as are cats.

In a time of such insane cultural sensitivity, pushed predominantly by the far-left, you can no longer go out on Halloween without being accused of racism. You cant wear an outfit that “culturally appropriates” someone from a different region of the world to yourself. You cant talk to people without first finding out an appropriate pronoun to start a conversation.

The left has pushed politics into a direction that is nothing short of absurd. We are now living in a time where it’s mandatory to tell schoolchildren boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Race and diversity is such a prominent theme these days that even vegetables can be colonial racists according to those on the left. What’s next, a ban on cabbage because it’s offensive to low IQ people? The insanity and the reach of leftism into politics and culture knows no bounds!

Respect People Who Eat Dogs

Ministry of Justice bureaucrats have apparently blocked a proposed legal ban on eating dogs and cats because doing so would be culturally insensitive to people from the Far-East who do?

Butchered At A Dog Meat Festival In China

Butchered At A Dog Meat Festival In China

Ministers of Parliament and bureaucrats working in the political shadows are afflicted with left-wing retardation, of that there is no doubt. The left wants to dominate (and do) the culture war, which means that as politics is downwind of culture, politics has to bend to the will of popular culture. Votes count after all!

Have the issues of “cultural sensitivities” gone too far though? The people of Britain love their cats and dogs; they are family. So why have Ministry Of Justice bureaucrats blocked legislation to ban eating our furry friends?

Member of Parliament Giles Watling was told by a source inside the Ministry that it would be:

“culturally insensitive for the government to dictate to other nations what they should eat. And the current ban on transporting or exporting dog and cat meat suffices.”

Giles Watling responded by saying:

Dogs are our companion animals. We do not eat them, and that is a very important message to send to the rest of the world.
It’s not culturally insensitive because we’re not telling them what to do – we’re just telling them what we do.
We shouldn’t be worrying about that, so I was surprised that was the MoJ’s objection.

We should stop worrying about other peoples cultures and start concentrating on our own British culture. Part of that culture is not eating our bloody pets!

If that offends anyone then tough, be offended!

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