Is Boris A Genius Or A Reckless Gambler?

by TR News
We Voted Leave - Leave Means Leave

Yesterday had the mainstream press and its punditry frothing with anger as they called Boris out for subverting democracy. Today we ask – is Boris a genius or a reckless gambler?

For anyone living their lives removed from the mainstream press and politics in general, may not know of the upset Boris Johnson has caused. Yesterday Boris called to prorogue parliament which the Queen accepted; this means that parliament will be suspended from either the 9th or 12th of September till the 14th of October. This suspension of parliament will drastically reduce the amount of time “remainer” MP’s have to change the course of Brexit.

The calls of outraged “remainer” MP’s are treated with contempt, derision and mockery because their floundering political subversions deserve nothing less.



A Tale Of Two Sides

On the “remainer side” the objections are clear. Boris’s decision to drastically reduce the amount of time ministers of parliament have to stop a “no-deal” Brexit is an affront to democracy in the UK. The whining globalists in the house see the situation as “unconstitutional” and a deliberate silencing of political discussion. Pro-Europe gutter press tabloids ran with wonderful soundbites such as “devious”, “underhand”, “constitutional vandalism”, “hijacking powers” etc. etc. etc.

The globalist Pro-Europeans in Parliament have had a complete meltdown; they are triggered to the point of political irony; meanwhile, the Pro-Brexiteers are loving it!

Those ministers in parliament who want Brexit to happen have called out their opposition “remainers” by highlighting their own use of parliamentary powers. Pro-Europe MP’s have ignored and attempted to change the will of the British electorate many times over. The British electorate spoke very clearly in the referendum held on Thursday 23rd June 2016. The decision was they wanted to LEAVE the European Union, that is the will of the people, that is DEMOCRACY in action.

We did not vote for a deal; 51.9% Britons voted to LEAVE the European Union in favour of reviving our sovereignty. We voted to take powers back from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels; we voted to become a Nation again, not to be a part of a Pan-European mafioso.

The irony is simple to understand, ministers of parliament who have fought tooth and nail to subvert the will of the people have themselves become an “affront” to democracy. For them to call Boris out is not only comical but paradoxically disrespectful to the extreme.

EU Toilet Roll

EU Toilet Roll

Is Boris A Genius Or A Reckless Gambler?

Boris calling for a prorogue of parliament means that MP’s who have consistently wasted time causing delays to Brexit while also attempting to subvert the will of the people means their time to do so is now very limited.

The whining reverberations of Pan-European parliamentarians in the house mean little to those who actually respect the will of the people. The whining acolytes of the European mafioso have had more than three years to come up with some kind of compromise or plan to move Brexit forward. Prostitutes to the globalist EU have failed the people miserably, so their incessant political bitching means little to the folk who voted OUT.

Boris’s plan may turn out to be a stroke of genius; on the other hand, it may have forced the Pan-Europhiles in parliament to consolidate and seek a vote of no confidence to oust him.

Time will tell if Boris’s gamble pays off or not.

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