Insidious Destructive Infantilism Of BAME Community

by TR News

Labour Peer Baroness Doreen Lawrence disgusts and divides a nation with her insidious, destructive infantilism of BAME community.

A Peers Perspective

Back in 1993, most people old enough will remember the murder of a black teenager who’s name was Stephen Lawrence. Stephen was stabbed to death by a gang of white youths as he waited with his friend Duwayne Brooks at a bus stop in Eltham, South East London.

Police mishandled the investigation into Stephens murder, and his parents fought for justice after the CPS had dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence, or because they deemed the evidence gathered was insufficient to prosecute a case. Stephens parents Doreen and Neville were unrelenting in their pursuit for justice, who could blame them? They lost a son because of an unprovoked racial attack which left him with fatal stab wounds.

Doreen and Neville ended up launching a private prosecution against three suspects, Gary Dobson, Luke Knight and Neil Acourt. However, that failed when Stephens friend Duwayne’s ID evidence was declared inadmissible back in 1996.

An inquest into Stephens murder ruled that he was killed in a “completely unprovoked racist attack by five youths” was delivered only a year later by Sir Montague. Then Home Secretary Jack Straw initiated a public inquiry which was chaired by Sir William MacPherson, a retired High Court judge. In his report, MacPherson found massive police failings, incompetence and even accused the Met Police of “institutional racism”. You can read the full report HERE.

Fast-forward to 2011, and finally, two of Stephens attackers were found guilty of his murder, Gary Dobson and David Norris were jailed for a total of twenty-nine years and five months between them.

Mr Justice Treaty sentencing said:

“A totally innocent 18-year-old youth on the threshold of a promising life was brutally cut down in the street in front of eyewitnesses by a racist thuggish gang.
You were both members of that gang. I have no doubt at all that you fully subscribed to its views and attitudes.”

Promotional Peerage

Most people, after reading about the death of Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent findings of the inquiry by Sir William MacPherson would understand the pain, suffering and motivation behind Doreen and Neville’s fight for justice.

The report makes for an unpleasant read. However, much good came out of it, which lead to massive changes in police investigations and the removal of the “double jeopardy law”. If new evidence comes to light, a murdering racist scumbag won’t get away with such a heinous crime on a legal technicality which is a good thing.

The then labour Party awarded Doreen Lawrence a peership for her efforts in fighting for justice and the exposure of Police failings, nobody in the right mind would have thought of that as being a terrible decision at the time.

A Warped And Twisted Mindset

In June 2017 a fire broke out in a twenty-four storey block of flats in North Kensington. The Grenfell Tower fire claimed the lives of seventy-two people and more than seventy others suffered injuries because of it. Luckily over two-hundred people managed to escape the fire.

The Grenfell Tower fire inquiry report is due to come out later this month. So before any facts have come out about the Grenfell fire, “Baroness” Doreen Lawrence came out and said that she had “no doubt” the response to the fire that led to seventy-two people being killed was motivated by “racism”.

Firefighters trained to save lives were motivated by racism?

Baroness Doreen Lawrence went on to say:

“Had that been a block full of white people, they’d have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they did what they needed to do”.

Doreen ascribed a racial motive for the deaths of seventy-two people which is a sickening and immoral case to put out in public. It’s especially sickening when the facts of the inquiry are not in yet and haven’t been made public.

Racist BAME Firefighter In The LFB

Racist BAME Firefighter In The LFB

What happened to Doreen’s son was disgusting and sickening, and we can only applaud her and her husband’s bravery, tenacity and strength to seek justice for him for all those years. That’s where the respect stops! Perhaps Doreen’s political influence and power is such that she has now become an ignorant race-baiting, self-righteous, left-wing ideologue. Perhaps her poisonous past causes her to see every aspect of life through a lens of racism and racial disparity.

We wonder if she sees the many BAME firefighters in London who went to Grenfell Towers as racist bigots hoping to see the charred remains of ethnic minorities?

Doreen is a disgusting excuse for a political peer; she’s just a shallow race-baiting ideologue whoring herself out for clicks and attention at the expense of those who went out to save the very lives she has just desecrated.

Shame on you Doreen!

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