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Have those in the Democratic party gone so far-left; they left biology behind them?

Nominees of the Democratic Party to put their arguments forward as they campaign to become their party’s nominee for President in 2020, Julian Castro, a potential nominee, now wants to fight for the right for transgender women to get abortions?

Biology does seem to get in the way of social justice; however, the insanity of the far-left will always overcome any scientific hurdle to be equitable.

We took the liberty of checking out the definition of “Transgender Woman” from Planned Parenthood, which you can find HERE.

Perhaps when Julian Castro talks about reproductive justice, he means being able to give people who were born MALE the opportunity to have an abortion?

At least that would be inclusive and pander to the intersectional left, that’s the kind of “justice” the far-left want. But does that actually go far enough? Words are just words if they are not backed up by ACTION.

It seems that America and Planned Parenthood are leading that culture war.

Steven Crowder goes to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, and they are willing to carry one out for him.

We live in bizarre equitable times; the far-left is leading that charge.

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