How Yair Netanyahu Became The “Poster Boy Of The Far Right”

by TR News
Yair Netanyahu - AfD

Leftist Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz attacked the son of the Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Netanyahu, after one of his tweets was shared by an EU delegate of Germany’s AfD party.

by Collin McMahon

“Netanyahu’s Son Becomes Star of German Nationalist Party After Calling EU ‘Evil’”, was the headline in Ha’aretz May 8: “Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli prime minister, has become the new campaign face for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party after calling the European Union an “evil globalist organization” last week.”

Yair Netanyahu often speaks out on political subjects on Twitter and defended Tommy Robinson when he was jailed for journalism, calling Tommy a “political prisoner”.

On April 28, Yair Netanyahu complained about the EU delegation in Israel taking part in an online event on April 27, Israel’s Memorial Day, with Palestinian organizations which equate the deaths of Israeli soldiers with those of mass-murdering Palestinian terrorists.

“Shame on you for financing a disgrace in the holiest day of the Israeli calendar! We have one day in a year to remember our fallen soldiers! And you destroy it with a ״memorial״ to Palestinian terrorists! EU is an enemy of Israel, and an enemy to all European Christian countries! Schengen zone is dead and soon your evil globalist organization will be too, and Europe will return to be free, democratic and Christian!”

His tweet was shared by AfD EU representative Joachim Kuhs in a banner on Facebook:

Yair Netanyahu answered Kuhs with a link to a report by NGO Monitor exposing German taxpayer support for anti-Israel NGOs, and the plea “Please act with your colleagues to stop this insanity!”

This minor exchange prompted Ha’aretz to defame the son of the Israeli Prime Minister as “the new campaign face for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party“. In what seemed to be a concerted media campaign, both the Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post ran similar stories, both with headlines calling Yair Netanyahu the “poster boy for a German far-right politician”.

On May 11th and May 13th, Ha’aretz (a far-left Jewish publication) redoubled its attack, accusing Yair Netanyahu of “hatred for Palestinians” which “coincides with AfD’s hatred for Muslims”. Without presenting any evidence, the leftist newspaper associated the prime Minister’s son and the largest opposition party in the German Bundestag with “the Chemnitz riots; the murder of pro-immigration politician Walter Lübcke; attacks on and death threats against other politicians who support immigration; the attack on the synagogue in Halle; the election in the state of Thuringia of a premier with the joint support of liberals, conservatives and the radical right; and the terror attack in Hanau”.

The so-called “Chemnitz riots” of August 2018 later turned out to be one 20-second video of an altercation started by two migrants with several locals, posted by a group called “Antifa Tick Bite”. The AfD denounces all forms of extremist terror, and was the first party to submit a motion to ban the neo-Nazi “Combat 18” group, a group that had links to the murder of magistrate Walter Lübcke.

Even after a series of articles, of course, Ha’aretz made no attempt to contact Joachim Kuhs, who is a devout Christian and father of ten. Kuhs is a member of the budget committee of the EU Parliament, of the AfD National Committee and chairs the “Christians in the AfD” committee. He just co-signed a letter by conservative EU members denouncing EU funding for terrorists, as Israel National News reported.

In August 2019, Kuhs visited Judea and Samaria with a delegation of the “Jews in the AfD”, meeting representatives of the ruling Likud party and Israeli NGOs. He writes frequently on the subject in German and Israeli Media, and gave an interview to Israeli YouTuber Avi A below last month.

“The friendship between the conservative, patriotic parties in Europe, the USA and Israel is the left’s greatest nightmare, of course,” Joachim Kuhs said. “That’s the only way to explain this completely hysterical and overblown reaction in Ha’aretz and other media. I would like to thank Yair Netanyahu for his kind reply on Twitter, and assure him, we will not stop exposing the anti-Israel policies in Berlin and Brussels.“

Leftist Ha’aretz newspaper is 25% owned by German Neven Dumont Group, and frequently attacks Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud government. Ha’aretz and Dumont Group are viewed with great suspicion by many Israelis, since mogul Kurt Neven DuMont was a member of the National Socialist Party and conducted Nazi propaganda in World War Two.

Editorial note from TR.News

We are aware that certain groups will attempt to use the publication of this article to sow seeds of division, to propagate conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and Jew hatred. Such groups are blinded by ignorance and ideology, they lump ALL Jews in the same box. They do so without acknowledging the different political, religious, social and economic philosophies of the Jewsish people, nor do they offer a neuanced argument highlighting those differences. Jew hatred is their modus operandi. TR.News will never play into the game of hating ALL Jews, likewise we will not play into the game of hating ALL Muslims.

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