How to vote to save this GREAT country

by Morgan Jonas

VIC: Earlier this afternoon concerned Australians took to Bill Shorten’s Maribyrnong electorate demanding answers from Shorten regarding the economic impact of Labor’s proposed ‘climate-change’ policy.

Should Labor form government following tomorrow’s election, Bill Shorten has pledged to reduce national carbon-emissions by 45% and increase renewable energy 50% by the year 2030. Whether you believe in man-made ‘climate-change’ or not, one must be alarmed by Bill Shorten’s obvious aversion to answering questions pertaining to the economic consequences of advancing such a radical policy, as demonstrated in the leaders’ debate.

The protesters referenced a study carried out by BAEconomics, one of Australia’s most respected economic think-tanks, which took it upon themselves to answer the questions of which Bill Shorten is unwilling to address. The study was directed by Brian Fischer, a former chief advisor on climate-policy for both Labor and Liberal and former head of Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics. As per the study, the projected economic consequences of Labor’s ‘climate-change’ policy over the next 10 years are as follows: 336,000 jobs lost, average full-time income down by $9000 per year, electricity bills up by 50%, reduced economic growth and $472b wiped off the economy.

The economic impact projected by BAEconomics has the potential to send thousands of Australian families into poverty, force the closure of countless Australian businesses and inevitably lead to increases in crime.

Keep in mind Labor is working closely with the Greens, who have pledged to eliminate the coal industry (Australia’s largest export), an agenda that if ever brought to fruition would result in a probable economic collapse.

No wonder Bill Shorten won’t answer the question.

Also detailed in the study are the less destructive (but still destructive nonetheless) economic consequences of Liberal’s climate policy.

So what’s the alternative? My suggestion is to vote for minor-conservative parties as they are the only people standing up for true energy security. Without cheap, reliable and plentiful energy, Australian industry will end, living costs and unemployment will skyrocket, Aussie families will descend into poverty and crime will become widespread.

The time is long overdue for Australia to go nuclear.

You can read the complete report from BAEconomics here:

Morgan Jonas is an Australian patriot, you can follow him on twitter here.


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