How to burn a REAL Nazi

by TR News

TR.News – Addressing Nationalism And The Elephant In The Room. Everyone is aware of a fallout between the TR.News team and Shazia Hobbs, today we make our point and carry on the good fight for Tommy.


Race-based politics is not something either Tommy or ourselves here at TR.News has ever supported. Sure issues need to be addressed with the forgotten and downtrodden white working class. We will always recognise that fact, and we will always fight for that cause. However, we will do it in a way that understands and respects Tommy’s way of doing it. What we won’t do; is sacrifice our loyalty or our love for country based on racially motivated demagoguery. That’s never been Tommy’s way; it never will be Tommy’s way.

Our fight is with ideology, not skin colour.

The Elephant In The Room

There is a minority of loud voices who, while Tommy is in prison, have sought to sow division. These type of people attempt to entrap vulnerable people into a bastardised form of Nationalism. We aim to make people aware of an agenda that runs in direct opposition to Tommy, an agenda he is very familiar with during his time leading the EDL.

When Tommy is banged up in prison, this always happens. We know why they do this, we know they will use as many useful idiots as they can along the way to achieve their goals. Gaining traction off the back of Tommy’s popularity is the only way they can work towards their relevance and promote their bastardised form of Nationalism.

Tommy does not and never will accept that form of Nationalism.

Just Chuck It In The Bin

Just Chuck It In The Bin Where It Belongs

Our message to those who are snidely working in the background while Tommy is away is simple. Our supporters must Keep Britain Tidy, that’s true devotion and love for country.

We have made our position clear on Nazis and their sympathisers before. Read more by clicking HERE

Never, ever surrender!

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