How To Become A Terrorist In Britain

by TR News

Today civil liberties were put on trial. The political and judicial establishment required a guilty verdict. How To Become A Terrorist In Britain.

Orwellian Lessons

What lessons have we learnt today? The video above gives a summary of the day’s events and TR.News is happy to give our readers a quick recap. Paul Golding flew back into Britain from Russia, Police at the airport detained him and asked him to provide them with access to his mobile phone – Paul declined. Then he was charged under section 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Today Paul had his day in court. Tommy went to report on the day’s events as they unfolded, he took a small team of security lads with him for protection because the Police warned him that someone was planning on attacking him. Tommy had liaised with Met Police so they were aware a small team of lads on security detail would be with him and the cameraman. As soon as Tommy arrived COVID 1984 legislation was enforced, Police asked Tommy to send his team away citing the Coronavirus Act 2020 to justify their request. Strangely enough, the Police on the ground knew nothing about this understanding or arrangement?

How strangely inconvenient was that?

Paul Golding turned up with a small security detail as well, again, something discussed and agreed with the Met Police liaison officer beforehand. Immediately the boys in blue pounced and made good on enforcing draconian COVID 1984 legislation.

How strangely inconvenient was that? Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?

British Police Social Distancing

British Police Social Distancing

Tommy learned that Police can tell anyone standing outside of their property, with a dog, to go back inside their dwelling. The individual in question posed no risk to anyone, neither did his dog, but that’s COVID 1984 enforcement for you. Orwellian times indeed. We also learned what it takes to become a terrorist in 2020 England, the land of the Magna Carta.

During the trial, the officers responsible for detaining Paul Golding were questioned and asked some very specific questions. Tommy listened intently to the questions and the responses. He witnessed officers say under oath that they had no concerns about Paul Golding (with anything terrorism-related), they did not believe he was or is involved in terrorism. They had not even a slight suspicion of terrorism when it came to Paul Golding.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

No suspicion, no evidence, not even a belief in anything relating to Paul Golding. Nothing. Yet here we are, reporting on a case where section seven of the Terrorism Act 2000 can be used to prosecute anyone. You don’t need to be a terrorist or even a suspected terrorist for Police to use this legislation and act against you. If you deny the Police a request to snoop in your phone, trample over your right to privacy and violate your civil liberties, you too can become a terrorist in 21st century Britain!

That’s all it takes.

Paul Golding will now be a convicted terrorist for nine months. He was found guilty and given a “conditional discharge”. Paul will need to be a good boy for nine months; after that, he will no longer be a convicted terrorist.

What have we learned today? We learned this case was politically motivated; we learned the judicial establishment can make someone a convicted terrorist for protecting their right to privacy.

Oh, and Police are pretty useless at social distancing during COVID 1984.

Britain is in a mess!

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