How this guy overcame relentless big-tech censorship

by Morgan Jonas

Anyone who follows conservative news is aware of the hard left-leaning bias held within the upper echelons of big-tech and the large-scale purging of conservative content and commentators that has taken place notably since the election of President Trump in 2016.

It’s 2019 and social-media has by far become the most effective platform for speech and as inhabitants of the free-world, one would assume free-speech to be a basic, untouchable human right. However, the sad reality is that somewhere along the way we surrendered our speech to be governed by a small group of super-powerful, unelected technocrats. Under the subjective and unexplained rule of ‘community standards’, these ideologically-driven technological elitists assume the power to arbitrarily determine which information reaches the public, and which information does not. More often than not, big-tech favours progressive content whilst punishing conservative content, as pointed out by President Trump himself.

There is hope for conservatives however, which brings me to the story of my friend, Mike Closer, a retired businessman from Washington DC, American patriot and fierce defender of free speech. Since his retirement in 2015, Mike immediately embarked on a mission to build a for-the-people, conservative news channel, aimed at delivering fact-based coverage related to, but not limited to: US politics, geopolitics, economics, cultural issues and the Trump presidency. Since the inception of “The best Closer Show”, Mike has broadcasted over 6500 hours, appeared as a guest on over 100 shows and has worked hand-in-hand with Whitehouse staff.

Mike Closer and Joy Villa

Mike’s will to fight back against the anti-Trump establishment media compelled him to commence broadcasting 6 hours per day in addition to conducting several hours of daily research. Within a short period of time, The Best Closer Show became a household-name and rose to become the most viewed show on Periscope, consistently hitting over one million views per week. Notable guest interviewees include Anne Marie Waters, Joy Villa, Avi Yemini, Tommy Robinson, Senator Fraser Anning , Scott Presler plus more. Notable past and current viewers include Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Michel Linch, Lara Trump, Boris Epshteyn and several well-known former Whitehouse staff.

In addition to The Best Closer Show and with the help of a small but dedicated number of fans, Mike initiated and led a community-action group that tackled issues such as BLM violence, defending students from political bullying and helping veterans. The group successfully housed 20 homeless veterans, donated 5 acres of land to veterans and sued a University of Michigan Councillor who unlawfully exploited her position of power in order to coerce students to vote against Trump.

Running a high-traffic conservative news show has the potential to attract spiteful detractors, on multiple occasions Mike has been the target of online harassment and even had death threats issued against himself and his family. But nonetheless, Mike refused to back down and The Best Closer Show continued on.

Being a conservative Trump supporter, it was only a matter of time before the iron fist of big-tech came crashing down on The Best Closer Show. Like many other conservatives, Mike was horrified to wake up one morning only to discover his channel consisting of thousands of followers and multiple millions of views, had been arbitrarily banned with zero explanation, despite the fact that Mike is an American citizen and is meant to be protected under the first amendment. Miraculously, and with the assistance of several of Mike’s loyal fans, he was able to successfully contest the ban and have his channel reinstated, only to be banned again a week later. This process repeated itself 3 more times on both Periscope and YouTube, which ultimately forced Mike to make a decision: Either he would give up on spreading the truth, or find a new way to keep fighting.

In a very similar fashion to Tommy Robinson’s, Mike walked away from big-tech social media, founded his own platform and using his own money, invested heavily in live-streaming technology. The Best Closer Show is now back and running on its own website with its own hosting: Several hours per day, free from censorship, free from communist-style community standards and free to promote pro Americanism.

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Morgan Jonas is an Australian patriot, you can follow him on twitter here.


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