How Muslims OBJECT To The LGBTQ Curriculum

by TR News

From September 2020 ALL school curriculums will require pupils from primary school age to learn about LGBTQ relationships. Today we take a look at how Muslims object to the LGBTQ curriculum.

Freedom To Object?

As a “so-called” functioning democracy where “freedom of speech” is supposed to reign supreme, everyone should have the right to voice a dissenting opinion freely. Unfortunately, we are living in Orwellian times, the book titled 1984 has evolved to become prophetically accurate even as a “fictional” work. Speech has now become a legislative affair, as has morality, values and “social justice”.

The LGBTQ lobby, together with its cohorts in the Houses of Parliament, decided that mandatory philosophical lessons regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer relationships must become a curricular “guiding force” for primary school children from the age of 5. Quite how thats works out as “age appropriate” is beyond comprehension?

The mandatory teaching of LGBTQ relationships in schools can and should be debated with vigour, with harshness even. The debate should proceed without fear of any legal recourse or punitive retribution. People can and should be offered the opportunity to OBJECT, even veraciously, against the far-left ideologues of the LGBTQ movement and their political advocates. People should have the FREEDOM to do so without professional pre-emptive LGBTQ heckling activists pouring scorn on any dissenting views and opinions. LGBTQ ideologues should be strong enough and able enough to debate their points without the need to cast pre-emptive aspersions.

Throwing ideological muck at opponents does little to encourage discourse; however, it does help to push dissenters to the extremes. If the debate is immediately shut down regarding the ideological indoctrination of our children, then expect opposing thoughts to become more entrenched and more “passionate” let’s say. Take as an example the issues of Anderton Primary School in Birmingham. The local Muslim community acted quickly and very loudly against LGBTQ lessons being forced onto their children. First, they took their children out of the school, and then they protested with vigour, they had the courage of their convictions, they did not care about the “outrage” or the “controversy” peddled in mainstream media. The Muslim community stood up for what they believe in; they did not want their children being taught about LGBTQ relationships FULL STOP!

Increased animosity and ideological conflicts between two protected groups, the Muslim community and the LGBT community, is giving the left a self-inflicted headache. In the battle between protected groups which one will come out on top?


Waltham Police Twitter Statement

Waltham Police Twitter Statement

The Ideological Spite Of The Far-Left

When Labour politician Roger Godsiff stood with his Muslim constituents and went on record “understanding” their opposition to the “No Outsiders” program run by the Anderton school head Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, left-wing LGBTQ ideologues went in for the kill. Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson herself immediately called for the Labour party to remove Rogers “whip” status! Imagine that, a headteacher immediately calling for political retribution for the crime of “wrongthink”. Does that not perfectly showcase just how “politicised” the teaching profession has become? Does this not prove beyond any reasonable doubt how “politically and ideologically indoctrinated” teachers have become? These people are entrusted to teach our children, truth be told, we can’t trust them to teach; however, we can trust them to indoctrinate because they now have a legal mandate to do so. You can read more about all these issues HERE and HERE.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson said:

“We have to tackle prejudice. We have to seek to eliminate discrimination, and actually, his comments seem to have fuelled discrimination and fuelled prejudice”.

Teachers need to teach, not indoctrinate or proselytise to young impressionable minds. If we wanted to send our children to indoctrination camps, we would do so of our own free volition. We certainly don’t want any state enforcer planting ideological “values” that differ to our own into our children’s minds, our children belong to us, not the state. Children can be taught to be kind, caring and accepting without being exposed to sexualities or becoming confused about gender. LET KIDS BE KIDS!

The "Power" Of LGBTQ Diverstity

The “Power” Of LGBTQ Diverstity

How Muslims Object To The LGBTQ Curriculum

The Islamic website has published a statement that encourages Muslim Imams and scholars to sign in opposition to the LGBT curriculum. We will now post this statement word for word from their website.

Beliefs about “sexuality” and LGBT in particular have been the subject of news coverage recently, due to hundreds of Muslim parents in Birmingham protesting at the actions of their children’s school senior leadership.


The United Kingdom is a multicultural society. The Muslim community is by no means the only community here, and while we encourage constructive, respectful debate of ideas, we condemn one community’s opinions and beliefs being forced upon others, no matter how big or small.
We, the undersigned, are inheritors of a scholarly tradition which from its inception enshrined a methodology for ensuring peaceful coexistence of different peoples, customs, beliefs and even legal systems. Whether it was different religious minorities having judicial and civic autonomy, or different schools of thought among Muslims having overlapping jurisdictions, tolerating differing opinions to relative degrees is in the DNA of Muslim scholars, and something our wider society today would do well to learn from.


One such thing we urge policy makers and executors to pay close attention to is the important distinction between facts and values. It is a fact to say that some people regard same-sex relationships as appropriate, due to their philosophical and moral views; and some people do not—just like it is a fact that some people regard eating meat to be appropriate and some do not. But to go beyond the facts into saying “It is OK and normal to…” is in the realm of values, which should not be imposed on people who disagree.


The types of relationships a person or community regards as good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate, normal or abnormal, are not the result of hard facts, but a product of many interacting beliefs and cultural norms about, for example, the purpose of life, desires and impulses, and conceptions of love, among other things.
Passionately believing in a cause or moral standpoint is one thing, but then enforcing it on others is unacceptable.


There is a clear and unambiguous acceptance in law that the primary givers of philosophical, moral and ethical values to children are their parents. Schools—or anyone else for that matter—may only educate in these areas on behalf of the parents.
When there is a conflict between the philosophical, moral or ethical positions of parents and teachers, schools must respect this and ensure teachers do not transgress the fact/value boundary mentioned above. This includes ideologically or socially-constructed norms which some may passionately believe to be universal facts whilst others do not—such as concerning “sexuality” or “gender”.


It goes without saying that we likewise affirm the rights of those who disagree with our opinions to do so without fear of insult, bullying or any type of oppression whatsoever. However, we also expect the same in return—particularly not being subjected to state enforcement of values and philosophical convictions.
We should respect and tolerate our differences, without the enforcing of some people’s positions on others, especially children.

You can find that website HERE.

For further information about the “mandatory” LGBTQ curriculum that will go live from September 2020, please click HERE to find out more.

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