Historian David Starkey Speaks Truth To Power

by TR News

The United Kingdom is in a state of political and cultural turmoil; Dr David Starkey speaks truth to power.

Historical Revisionism And Dismantling Culture

We have uploaded part of an interview of Dr David Starkey, a renowned English constitutional historian from a working-class background.

David lived in council house where he grew up in Cumbria. He is the only son of a factory worker and a cleaner. David ended up studying at Cambridge University after gaining a scholarship, while there he gained a first class degree in History.

David has courted controversy with his plain-speaking which the left have tried, unsuccessfully, to tar him as a racist and a bigot. For example, he said the Rochdale grooming gang child rapists had values that were:

“Entrenched in the foothills of the Punjab or wherever it is.”

And that they needed to be:

“Inculcated in the British ways of doing things”.

How “controversial” those comments are depend on your world view and political ideology. Clearly, “hair on fire” leftists do not like any reference to backward cultures that see white children as “easy meat”,  no surprise there then!

Not A Fan Of The Far-Left

David assesses the state of British politics, Brexit, the monarchy, and the endless culture wars that have been foisted upon the British public by those on the radical left of the political spectrum.

Needless to say, Dr David Starkey is no fan of victim culture or backward ideologies that cause harm to Britain, radical feminism and Islam being just two examples.

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