Hindu Council UK Disown Fascist Labour Party!

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Anil Bhanot, a founding member of the Hindu Council UK, said British Pakistani MPs have hijacked the British Muslim agenda. Hindu Council UK Disown Fascist Labour Party!

Disrespecting Diwali

Jeremy Corbyn and his Labourites have suffered two devastating blows to their political campaign running up to the general election on December the 12th. Britain’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis questioned whether Corbyn was fit to lead Great Britain due to the vast amount of anti-Semitism within Labour ranks. Another devastating blow that arguably did not receive quite as much attention came from Anil Bhanot, a founding member of the Hindu Council UK who said:

“We at the Hindu Council UK concur that Labour has increasing become anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu. “Jeremy Corbyn has remained silent when there has been a strident anti-India protest which culminated in anti-Hindu sentiments. Our holiest day, Diwali, was recently targeted by demonstrators prompted by several Labour Party members and MPs’ support, not least with their openly condemning Hindus in their letters to the Prime Minister, foreign office and the UN.
This is a day when the High Commission of India celebrates Diwali with invitees of all faiths.
We find it nauseating that no Labour Member of Parliament has condemned the anti-Jewish and now what we witness as anti-Hindu manoeuvrings at play in the Party. Suddenly the Hindu community has been excluded and dumped from their candidature selection.
Jeremy Corbyn always speaks against Islamophobia, whereas any anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu positions remain unchallenged.
It is a sad state of affairs that a major political party in our country which used to be a progressive socialist voice has veered towards what almost is a fascist ideology.

Acknowledging Muslim Rape Gangs

Anil Bhanot went on to touch on a subject that, had it been someone of a pale complexion, would be dismissed as “Islamophobic”.

He said:

“Labour said nothing when child abuse was taking place in councils controlled by it in fear of a Muslim backlash. We are greatly concerned that law-abiding Muslims who shared our peaceful values have been ignored in favour of extremists who openly loathe both our communities.”

Indians are now being urged to vote Conservative in the upcoming general election breaking from a tradition that sees a majority of them usually vote for Labour.

Anil also spoke about the way British Pakistani MPs have driven the British Muslim political agenda.

He said:

“The Hindu Council UK have never in our history interfered in elections. For 30 years, we have worked with the Muslim Council, and we have been very respectful to each other. It is a small minority in the Labour Party, but because they are vocal, they are running the agenda.”

In a frank admission that will not please the ears of Labours Socialist/Islamist alliance, Anil expressed a deep concern that:

“…our communities here are polarised because of all these goings-on in the Labour Party. The British Pakistani MPs have hijacked the British Muslim agenda as well. And that’s not right. That has created a lot of disharmony among the communities.
From our own point of view, it was the protest on the Diwali Day itself. They chose the Diwali Day to arrange those protests — it is not that it just happened to be Diwali Day. It was targeted. They have hurt us.”

You can read more about the violent and hateful Pakistani Muslim protests that descended on the Indian High Commission during Indias most holy day by clicking HERE.

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