Hidden Racism: British Children, The Casualties Of Political Correctness

by TR News
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A contribution from A. Kaye.

Children as young as 11 years old are responsible for their own prostitution according to the Home Office of the United Kingdom. British children are the casualties of political correctness.

In October 2018, the former Chief Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal stated on BBC Radio 4:

“… back in 2008, the Home Office sent a circular to all police forces in the country saying ‘As far as these young girls being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour, and therefore, it is not for you police officers to get involved in’.”    

The Home Office was referring to the children subjected to systematic gang rapes, sexual trafficking, torture, beatings, threats, impregnation and in some cases, murder. These children were and are the victims of industrial-sized child exploitation rings and the victims of the most extensive, co-ordinated racially motivated attack on children in the history of Great Britain. The Home Office gave the green light for the very worst of hate crimes to play out across this beautiful country.

FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS, men of predominantly Pakistani heritage have formed child exploitation rings targeting mainly white girls up and down the nation. Personal accounts from many grooming victims are littered with racist name-calling, such as ‘white trash’, ‘white slag’ and ‘kafir girl’. The children are told they are worthless because of the colour of their skin, their western style of dress, their British heritage, and because they are non-believers.

Further testimony to the racist nature of these child exploitation rings is given by Lord McDonald, the former Director of Public Prosecutions of England and Wales. He stated there was a significant problem with white girls being:

“regarded as trash, regarded as available for sex.”

I ask you, fellow members of our supposed civilised society. How have we got to a point in our history where our children are to blame for their sexual exploitation? A point where children are responsible for grown men, in their hundreds, maybe in their thousands, raping them repeatedly?

The answer, as found by numerous inquiries, concerns multicultural rhetoric. The perpetrators were mostly British Pakistani men and the Police, Council and child protection agencies failed to protect these girls. Why? Because they were too frightened of being called racist. In essence, many child rapists were given immunity because of the colour of their skin.

What is astounding is that the same rhetoric that allowed the widespread sexual exploitation of children for decades still exists today. The grooming gang narrative is all too often railroaded by multicultural rhetoric. It feels as though there are too many written publications, radio presentations and televised shows on whether it is racist to identify the heritage of the perpetrators. Why does mainstream media have an obsession with that narrative rather than the offending behaviour itself and the devastating lifelong impacts experienced by the child victims?

For the first time in British history, a civilian journalist got found guilty of causing the (now convicted) child rapists’ distress by asking how they felt about their verdicts. This happened as these child rapists walked into court to learn of their fate. This dreadful day, 5th July 2019 at the Old Bailey, two judges found the journalist guilty of two contempt of court offences and failing to adhere to a court-imposed publication ban.

We often see the media outside courts asking perpetrators questions, yet these racist child rapists continue to enjoy special privileges. They first had the right to rape white children with impunity, they now have the privilege to walk into court wrapped in cotton wool, protected from exposure by the judicial system.

It is time we stop being diverted from the real discussion of these crimes. The offending behaviour – child sexual violence as a tool of racial oppression – needs to remain the focus. The risk factors underlying this criminality needs to be discussed in the public domain in an OPEN AND FRANK MANNER without fear of being called a racist for doing so.

We all have a right to be outraged. We all have a right to be heard. But most importantly, we have right to protect the children of Great Britain, regardless of their class or colour.

DO NOT allow our children to be the easily forgotten casualties of political correctness.

DO NOT allow the grooming gang narrative to be diverted.

DO NOT allow the fear of racism to supersede the human rights of any person.

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