HE’S NO CATS EYES: George Galloway CONFUSED Spurs Flags for Israeli Flags

by TR News

EX-MP George Galloway was fired from NewsCorp’s TalkRadio this week following allegations of anti-Semitism after he confused Spurs flags for Isreali flags. 

The former Labour and Respect MP who appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother in 2006 infamously asking to be Rula Lenska’s ‘cat’ was canned from Murdoch’s station following comments relating to the Champions League Final on Saturday night.


He tweeted: “No #Israël flags on the Cup!” – which was reported to be a slur against Tottenham’s links to the local Jewish community.

Galloway hit back at Murdoch tweeting: “See you in Court guys.” and claimed he hadn’t been paid in ‘two months.’

His response to his canning from TalkRadio came late to most – as many of his critics had been blocked from following his Twitter account.


Jewish-born Apprentice star and millionaire businessman Lord Sugar hit back at the former MP on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and exposed Galloway as a ‘bloody liar’

Galloway claimed that there were “hundreds” of Isreali flags flown by Tottenham fans during the Champions League final.


Sir Alan said Galloway was “talking a load of garbage as usual” adding: “I walked with fifteen hundred Tottenham fans and the Liverpool fans from where they dropped me off because we couldn’t get the car through.”

“I did not see, and I have never seen, an Israeli flag flown.”

“There were no Israeli flags with the fans. The fans had their blue and white stuff but I never seen an Israeli flag flown.”

“He’s a bloody liar. A total liar.”

Galloway interrupted telling Sugar to “just Google it”

“You’ll see hundreds of them.”

A TR News examination of the crowd reveals a sea of blue and white Hotspur flags that aside from colour, bear little resemblance to the Isreali flag.

Yes, really.

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