Hateful Racist Marxist BLM Activist EXPOSED!

by TR News

As Black Lives Matter gained traction here in the UK Tommy has reached out to BLM activists to hear them out. Hateful Racist Marxist BLM Activist EXPOSED!

An Ideology Of Hate?

Mainstream media, premiership footballers, formula one drivers, the England cricket team and the woke virtue-signalling degenerates of Hollywood have fully endorsed and promoted the Black Lives Matter movement. Many people can get behind the sentiment of Black Lives Matter, but do they really know what hides behind the BLM brand?

Tommy has been criticised for speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement. His criticism is based on its destructive nature, its foundations in Marxism, incessant race-baiting and manufactured lies to suit an anti-white, anti-western, anti-family, anti-capitalist agenda. Black Lives Matter (the organisation, its leaders and many of its activists) is nothing more than a far-left collectivist hate group that has hoodwinked well-intended people into believing the false narratives that it pushes.

This video exposes the hate, the racism, the emotional immaturity, the tendency to violence and the intolerance of one of its highly regarded activists here in the UK. This video also exposes how white middle-class (champagne socialists) Marxists are pulling all the strings in the background, playing the role of puppetmaster. After hearing the hateful and intolerant vitriol of a “respected activist,” it became clear who was working behind the scenes fomenting and organising this Marxist ideological hate.

Black people are being used!


If you would like to watch a video that predicts the hate, racism and the vitriol of BLM activists and ideologues, then click HERE.

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