Happy Daddy’s Day!

by TR News

Today is fathers day, a day of national appreciation for fathers all over the UK.

We think the term father can actually undermine the role of a male in the family unit.

To anyone frowning at the moment of reading this, please let us explain.

ANYONE can “father” a child.

Not everyone can be a “daddy”.

That’s why we say Happy Daddy’s Day!

We are not diminishing the tradition of fathers day; we are just making it clear that anyone can father a child, it’s fair to say that pro-creation can be fun; however, the labour of raising children is a different matter altogether, and not all are up to that task.

In a time where REAL men, men who take responsibility, care and love their kids unconditionally are constantly reminded of their “toxic-masculinity”, and that testosterone is an evil hormone, that being a boisterous boy is somehow a nature born from a hate-filled patriarchal tyranny.

Its time for the REAL MEN to stand up and reject this divisive and destructive notion.

To all of those hate-filled 3rd wave misandrist feminists out there who perpetuate this loathsome and destructive narrative, we say this:

The ROLE of a REAL MAN, is to protect, provide and nurture his family. REAL MEN bring up children in a world where they love and respect their mothers, where they can guide their children to appreciate life and make the best of themselves while being aware of a changing world around them.

REAL MEN teach their daughters about the need for self-protection, the need for cultural awareness and self-respect, any boy or man who hurts a REAL MAN’S daughter should be VERY worried.

REAL MEN teach their boys that being a MAN means putting yourself in harm’s way to protect your family if there is ever the need to, that there is importance, a necessity even, in personal sacrifice.

Daddys’ in this day and age should embrace masculinity and NEVER EVER let their boys be conditioned to hate or question themselves because of their gender. REAL MEN should teach their boys what it takes to be a man and show a big fat middle finger to those far-left 3rd wave misandrist feminists.

Suck it up man haters this is OUR DAY!

So a big shout out to all those Daddy’s out there. You are the REAL MEN!


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