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A Cafe in Bradford called “Greedy Pigs” is the target of offence seeking members of the religion of tolerance, acceptance and peace.


Shelly Harper runs greedy Pigs sandwich bar and diner in Bradford; the cafe has been open now for 16 months.

When Shelly first opened the cafe, she received a letter from someone that drew ire and distaste for her choice of the business name.

Greedy Pigs Cafe In Bradford

The Greedy Pigs Cafe In Bradford

After more than a year, Shelly has received another letter from “the community” against a backdrop of young “Asian” males who hurl abuse while they drive past.

Shelly said:

“I feel really upset; I’m devastated. I welcome everybody. I don’t care what religion, what colour anybody is – I get on with everybody, or try to. “

Shelly could not believe that the abuse she has been getting is because her Cafe name is “Greedy Pigs”.

“My customer base is so diverse. It’s upsetting because it’s just a name.”

The letter Shelly received made explicit references to the Muslim community and their “offence”.

Letter Of Complaint To Greedy Pigs Cafe Owner Shelly


The letter makes it abundantly clear Shelly should change the name of her business and then cater to Halal consumers in the Islamic community.

We agree, Shelly should start selling Halal bacon baps to “the community”.


The letter tells Shelly that:

..the first thing you need to do is change that stupid name from the shop’s sign board and get rid of the pictures of the pigs. Not everyone finds the name Greedy Pigs or the pictures of pigs to be pleasant and not everyone consumes pork and pig products

The letter then goes into detail about how to handle food the Islamic way, to make food and the preparation of food Halal compliant.

Despite the bullying tactics of members from the religion of peace, tolerance and acceptance, Shelly said she would not be intimidated; her cafe will keep its name and the signage.

Sod the religion of perpetual offence.

Good on you Shelly!

A spokesman from West Yorkshire Police said:

“A hate incident has been recorded in relation to this matter and further enquiries are being made.”

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