Group of friends with man KO’d by Robinson likely ‘Planned’ Provocation

by TR News

Reposted – Due to Tommy Robinson’s court appearance today because of this incident in Portugal.


Link to Sun article HERE.

AN ENGLAND fan who was knocked out by Tommy Robinson after repeatedly attempting to confront the activist likely planned the incident with his group of friends, TR News can reveal.

In video footage, it is revealed that the man’s friends reacted with ‘Glee’ once he was punched signalling that this was all part of the plan to try to get a reaction out of Tommy.

Tommy told TR News that two men in the video had been with the man who was accosting him. You can read about that HERE.

We took the liberty of examining the video footage taken at the scene and the reactions of the men in question.

We did this in three parts, the video at normal speed, the video in slow motion, and then specifically the part where two of the aggressors “friends” seem really happy about their pal getting knocked out, what appears to follow is a congratulatory “victory bump” after the aggressor was floored.

Video 1 – Normal speed

Video 2 – Slo-Motion

Video 3 – Slo – Slo -Motion – At the time of the “friends” congratulating each other.

These videos indicate that mainstream media lied about what really happened, the group of lads clearly wanted a reaction, and they got it.

Earlier today we revealed that Robinson, 36 had hit back at biased news reports that claimed he ‘randomly’ punched an England fan in Portugal.

The Sun and The Mirror have spun the story and claimed Tommy “Unleashed the sudden strike – sending the other man sprawling to the floor.”

The Sun then followed up with this Fake-News trash headline – GAME OVER Tommy Robinson faces police probe and match ban after sucker punching England fan before Nations League game in Portugal.

You can see that HERE.

The Mirror headed up by Tommy’s all-time greatest fanboy Kevin Maguire told the story of the “poor victim” who said some revealing things in the Mirrors publication, such as:

“I was walking away from Tommy when he made a beeline for me and punched me from behind, in the side of the head.

“I’m not totally innocent in this and should have known my comments would rile him, but it didn’t merit turning to violence.”

He admitted he and his friend had a few pints before the match.

The man said he does not plan to make a complaint to the police as he hopes this is the end of the matter.

You can see that Mirror article HERE.

So what can we conclude from all of this?

He got punched face to face, not from behind, anyone who looks at the video footage will see he did not have his back turned to Tommy.

If you act aggressively in front of a man’s wife and ignore repeated warnings, what do you expect?

The “poor victim” has mates who are clearly happy with him getting knocked out, which seems pretty strange, mates would typically stick up for each other, not laugh and joke and “victory bump” each other after the event?

Perhaps, unless, they were after a reaction, maybe to tell their story to a paper?

The “poor victim” had a few drinks, so alcohol definitely played a part in this.

He doesn’t want to make a complaint? That tends to be the reasoning of someone who knows he instigated the confrontation and got what he deserved.

Case closed, nice try Fake-News – GAME OVER!




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