GROOMING VICTIM Fears Widespread Abuse

by TR News

A child victim of the Huddersfield grooming gang who goes by the pseudonym of Cassie Pike has released a memoir detailing her experiences of abuse and what led up to the point of grooming and gang rape.


Cassie was abused by more than 100 men who operated in Halifax and Bradford between 2009 and 2010.


Mansoor Akhtar


One of those men was Mansoor Akhtar (pictured above) of Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Mansoor met Cassie when she was just 15 years old; she was in care following the death of her mother two years earlier, her father was a violent drug addict. Mansoor met Cassie in a park in Halifax and provided her with cannabis, he then took her to Bradford and raped her.

Mansoor had form for this kind of thing; he was one of many who raped and abused a child who was just 11 or 12 years of age at the time, she was another vulnerable child whose mother was a drug addict. She ended up in the care system as well.

Cassie, now aged 23 has released a memoir that gives some insight as to how West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council failed to act when evidence and opportunities presented themselves.

The police arrested Cassie, not only for drug possession (that her groomers plied her with to make it easier for them to force her into sex), incredibly, she was also arrested for “suspicion of facilitating a child sex offence” after she and another underage girl got into an ‘abuser’s car.

Cassie said:

“I was arrested around five times in total, but nothing ever seemed to happen to the men who were abusing me.

“No wonder I thought I was to blame. I was so hurt and so confused – especially when they suggested it was my fault another girl had been abused.

“I was only 15 and they were in complete control of my life. How could they suggest it was me that was the criminal?”

Cassie is one hell of a brave young woman, her story is one of tragedy and sadness; however, she has found the strength, and courage in her convictions to help bring down other linked grooming gangs by helping the police with their enquiries.

Cassie still to this day receives death threats from the families of the men who were jailed for raping her, she has been placed under police protection hundreds of miles away from where she lives.

Cassie said:

“I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, I worry over who knows where I live.

“I’ve had phone calls from family members of the men who have gone to jail. They’ve spent hours on the phone to me, telling me they are going to find out where I live so they can kill me.

“It’s terrifying. I’m happy some of the men are now in jail, but they won’t be there forever.

“What if they do it again when they get out?”

The police failed Cassie terribly, their lack of awareness and duty of care, or their fear of being labelled as racist cost Cassie her childhood, lets hope and pray that the police will now allow her to keep her life by taking down those who threaten her.

If they do not, then how will that inspire other victims to come forward and help police remove these dangerous, sick, depraved men off our streets?

Cassie spoke to the Mirror about helping the police and said:

I think the groups could all be linked because I was taken to other towns where this is known to have happened. It could be one big operation, across the whole country. It’s happening everywhere.”

Unfortunately Cassie yes, it is happening everywhere up and down the UK, it has been happening for a long time. This sickening crime has been going on for many, many years, far longer than anyone could possibly imagine.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cassie and all the other child victims of grooming gangs.

An independent inquiry revealed at least 1,400 girls had fallen prey to groups of abusers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

To read more about this brave young woman Cassie – CLICK HERE.

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