Greek Border Police Shoot Dead Illegal Migrant

by TR News

Reports say more than 30,000 migrants have amassed along the Turkish-Greek border. Greek Border Police Shoot Dead Illegal Migrant.

Erdogan And The March Of Migrants

Turkeys President Erdogan opened up its frontier into Europe sparking a new migrant crisis. Millions of migrants are fleeing Syria because of tensions between Russian backed Syrian forces and Turkish backed forces, including Turkey’s military.

Only a few days ago at least 33 Turkish military personnel were killed in what appeared to be Syrian airstrike. Syrian forces moved in to attack Idlib, a province in northwestern Syria still held by anti-Assad opposition forces, forces that Turkey supports.

The international organisation for migration has reported that most of the migrants on the move from Turkey are men. It is alleged that Erdogan opened the floodgates allowing millions of migrants to move from Turkey into Europe because NATO has so far refused to be drawn into the conflict or provide further aid to keep displaced migrants.

The conflict seems to be escalating;  two Syrian warplanes have been shot down by Turkish forces operating inside northwest Syria, and that was after two days of Turkish drone attacks causing heavy losses to Syria’s military.

As migrants have become a Turkish political weapon of war and blackmail, their release has caused tensions along borders with countries like Bulgaria and Greece. Reports have alledged that Greek border police killed a migrant, the crowd of Muslim migrants then chanted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

The interior minister of Cyprus has accused Turkey of deliberately channelling migrants for months to the ethnically-divided island’s Greek Cypriot south to change the composition of its population.

He said:

“We maintain that there is a very specific purpose and aim, which is to alter the island’s demographic character, and clearly we cannot continue to accept (migrants) in such numbers”.

Although there is a mainstream media emphasis on displaced migrants fleeing a warzone, it is clear that migrants are leaving for economic reasons too. And with most migrants being men of fighting age it is not surprising that nearby countries have militarised and closed their borders.

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