Germ Jihad – Licking, Spitting, Coughing And Posting!

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ISIS asked Allah to increase the coronavirus torment of non-believers. Germ Jihad – Licking, Spitting, Coughing And Posting!

Historical Germ Warfare

It was the year 1343, Muslim Mongols besieged a port city called Caffa on the back of tensions with Italian traders at the time. Caffa (now Feodosija, Ukraine) was a thriving cosmopolitan city that consisted of Genoese, Venetian, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Mongols, and Turkic peoples. Italian merchants had an enclave in nearby Tana; the Mongols targeted Tana causing the Genoese Christians to flee – to Caffa.

Caffa was a heavily fortified city, and the Mongol siege lasted roughly a year, that is until an Italian relief force turned up. They killed around 15,000 Mongol troops and destroyed their siege machines. The Mongols did go back to lay siege to the city and its Genoese Christians citizens again, but the Italians blockaded Mongol ports forcing Janibeg (the Mongol ruler at the time) to negotiate. As a result, the Italians were allowed to re-establish their colony in Tana.

During this brief historical conflict between Mongol-Tartars and Genoese Christians, there was a man called Gabriele de’ Mussi. He was a notary in the town of Piacenza, north of Italy’s Genoa. Gabriele de’ Mussi described what happened in Caffa and Tana, and more importantly, what the Mongol-Tartar armies did during their conflict with the Genoese Christians.

Mongol Siege

Mongol Siege

The Plague Of War

A portion of Gabriele’s account reads:

The Christian merchants, who had been driven out by force, were so terrified of the power of the Tartars that, to save themselves and their belongings, they fled in an armed ship to Caffa, a settlement in the same part of the world which had been founded long ago by the Genoese.
Oh God! See how the heathen Tartar races, pouring together from all sides, suddenly invested the city of Caffa and besieged the trapped Christians there for almost three years. There, hemmed in by an immense army, they could hardly draw breath, although food could be shipped in, which offered them some hope. But behold, the whole army was affected by a disease which overran the Tartars and killed thousands upon thousands every day. It was as though arrows were raining down from heaven to strike and crush the Tartars’ arrogance. All medical advice and attention was useless; the Tartars died as soon as the signs of disease appeared on their bodies: swellings in the armpit or groin caused by coagulating humours, followed by a putrid fever.
The dying Tartars, stunned and stupefied by the immensity of the disaster brought about by the disease, and realizing that they had no hope of escape, lost interest in the siege. But they ordered corpses to be placed in catapults and lobbed into the city in the hope that the intolerable stench would kill everyone inside. What seemed like mountains of dead were thrown into the city, and the Christians could not hide or flee or escape from them, although they dumped as many of the bodies as they could in the sea. And soon the rotting corpses tainted the air and poisoned the water supply, and the stench was so overwhelming that hardly one in several thousand was in a position to flee the remains of the Tartar army. Moreover, one infected man could carry the poison to others, and infect people and places with the disease by look alone. No one knew, or could discover, a means of defence.

Plaque In Weymouth

Plaque In Weymouth

Licking, Spitting, Coughing And Posting!

The siege of Caffa stopped because the Mongol-Tartar army laying siege to the city were struck down by the black death – the plague. Although the Mongol-Tartar hordes were struck down by illness and death, they used that illness and death to spread a biological contagion in the city deliberately. That makes the Muslim Mongol-Tartar army the first to have used biological warfare on its enemies.

The Mongol-Tartar army had purposefully created a pandemic within the city. Historians even attribute this act as the progenitor to the black death in Europe, which caused between 75 to 200 million deaths. Or to put it in other terms, the black death killed between 30-60% of Europe’s population.

ISIS may have told its jihadists to stay away from Europe for the time being because of the coronavirus. Still, they will the destruction of the west, and they see the coronavirus as part of Allah’s grand plan. Illness has forced the ‘crusader nations’ to retreat and increase military presence in order to contain the spread of the virus.

If you see anyone deliberately spitting, licking, coughing, touching and even POSTING germs – film them and notify the police.

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