Geopolitical Allies, Terrorists, Dictators, Marxists And ISIS

by TR News

The Middle-East is and always has been a complicated mess of warring tribal, political and religious factions. It is time to look at geopolitical allies, terrorists, dictators, Marxists and ISIS.

Dammned If You Do….

Everyone knows that Syria is a mess, Iraq is a mess too but perhaps less so than Syria is.

The Middle-East has always been plagued with warring tribal factions ranging from devoted and dedicated remnants of the cold war heavily influenced by Marxist ideology, Nationalists with aspirations to resuscitate a dead and buried Ottoman Empire using a unique brand of Islamism, terrorist groups and ISIS who want to take the region back to the “piety” of 7th century Mohammedism and dictators who wish to consolidate absolute, autocratic, autonomous power.

Donald Trump inherited a geopolitical mess from the Obama administration. Syria is just one of the clusterf***s he’s had to deal with, North Korea is another, but that’s an article for another time. Donald Trump decided to pull American troops out of Syria; it was an issue he campaigned on during his bid for the American Presidency. Anyone paying attention to the talking points from mainstream media and politicians, including many within the Republican Party, it is the very worst decision he could have made. But is it, and is Donald Trump responsible for the situation in Syria as it stands now?

The popular narrative is that Donald Trump betrayed Kurdish allies who helped the USA fight ISIS. He left them to be slaughtered by the Turkish military. But are these accusations actually true? Before Donald Trump withdrew American forces from Syria, he sent a letter to Turkish President Erdogan warning him about taking military action against the Kurdish forces.

True Trumpian Style

Turkey has always had a Kurdish terrorist problem; many Kurds fight for a Kurdish homeland and in doing so have carried out terrorist attacks for that reason. The Kurds have never had a country of their own even though they populate vast swathes of land in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

The USA has been fighting with the Kurdish YPG in Syria; they are an offshoot of the proscribed terrorist group the PKK. The PKK has carried out terrorist attacks in Turkey, claiming an estimated 40,000 lives during its campaign of violence. The PKK and the YPG are essentially militant Marxists. We published an article about that HERE.

The United States of America led by the Obama administration at the time, decided to work with Marxist terrorists in the fight against ISIS. Naturally, the American “alliance” with Marxist terrorists always troubled Turkey given their history. Donald Trump sent a letter to President Erdogan before he pulled the troops out, warning him about taking military action against the militant Marxist Kurds. Trump knew of the history between Turkey, the PKK and its affiliates; they have been fighting each other for centuries.

Turkish President Erdogan sent his military into Syria anyway, ignoring President Trump’s warning and because of the history between Turkey and the Marxist militants, fighting ensued. The question is, is that another conflict that the USA needs to be drawn into? Trump made it clear he wasn’t going to allow the USA to become the policeman of the world and instead focus on the safety, security and prosperity of his country. He would much prefer to defend the borders of the USA rather than the foreign borders of Syria and Turkey.

The accusation of a “betrayal” of the Kurds seem a little bit exaggerated when you consider the fact that Donald Trump was in contact with Kurdish commander Mazloum Kobani. Trump forwarded a letter to Erdogan and basically told him to negotiate a peace deal with him because Kobani was prepared to make concessions. If neither Turkey or the Kurds want peace and fight each other, then is that Donald Trump’s fault?

Although Trump withdrew American forces, he threatened Turkey with crippling sanctions if they carried on with their military actions against the Kurds. After sending Vice President Mike Pence to Turkey, it seems as though a ceasefire has been agreed on, which gives peace a chance through negotiation. If those negotiations fail and Turkey and Kurdish Marxists want to carry on killing each other why should Trump get involved and risk more American lives? A conflict that has been going on for centuries between Kurds and Turkey has nothing to do with America.

Trump And Erdogan On Terrorism

Trump And Erdogan On Terrorism

Kurdish forces in Syria benefitted greatly with American support to fight ISIS. If they did not have that help, then ISIS would still have a functioning caliphate today. ISIS would no doubt have continued killing Kurds and other minority groups as they saw fit.

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