Geert Wilders Speaking Truth To Power

by TR News

Tommy Robinson has some very influential political friends here in the UK and abroad. Today’s video showcases Geert Wilders speaking truth to power.

In an age of political correctness and the centralised legislative powers of the European Union, Geert Wilders talks in plain and uncomplicated terms. He provides unambiguous thoughts on the state of Brexit, the United Kingdom and the EU.

Geert has long campaigned against the authoritarian political union of Europe and its disastrous policies of free movement and immigration. Geert understands how the importation of millions of people from Islamic countries produces more terrorism, more cultural divides and a massive increase in Anti-Semitism throughout Europe.

It is always refreshing to hear any politician speak so plainly and honestly about immigration, Islam, and the European Union. Geert is one of the very few who does exactly that.

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