#FreeMelanieShaw Demo

by TR News

On the 14th of September, a #FreeMelanieShaw demonstration was held outside Rampton Hospital in support of Melanie Shaw.

Tommy Supporting Melanie Shaw

We mentioned some time ago Tommy’s support for the #FreeMelanieShaw demonstration to bring attention to Melanie’s plight.

You can find that HERE.

Although Tommy was held in Belmarsh Catagory A Prison at the time, he wanted to encourage people to go and support Melanie if they could. He may have been held unjustly in isolation for political reasons; however, his situation pales in comparison to that of Melanie’s.

#FreeMelanieShaw Demo

#FreeMelanieShaw Demo

Taking Stock And Being Humble

Tommy asked Saffer to read a little speech for him at the demonstration, and, as usual, Tommy was humble, gracious and supportive of Melanie. Melanie’s story of mistreatment and abuse is long and heavy to digest. Those of us who have listened to her stories of systemic, systematic child abuse at care homes leaves us utterly disgusted, dumbfounded and angry.

Troubled vulnerable children should never be the playthings of paedophiles. Those who speak out about these atrocities deserve justice and help, Melanie gets neither.

Those who cant find justice themselves need the support of others to raise awareness and persue justice to the very end, no matter what.

If you want to know more about Melanie then click HERE.


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