by Ashley

A letter from Tommy Robinson while he is serving time in Belmarsh Category A Prison for the crime of causing anxiety to a convicted Muslim paedophile.

We all know why Tommy Robinson is in prison; we don’t need to go over each and every point of his political persecution. However, on a lighter note, we can reveal a letter that he has penned to you all.

A Letter From Tommy Robinson



Tommy is doing ok in Belmarsh prison. The governor seems to be keeping a close eye on him and makes sure his safety and wellbeing is as good as it can be.

Emails and letters are now getting to him, so he’s got plenty of reading to do. Tommy can’t seem to avoid the limelight even in a category A prison! Ross Kemp has interviewed him as he is filming a documentary about Belmarsh.

Tommy has confirmed that he has been kept in isolation since he arrived and that he has had no physical contact with any other prisoner. This is of course, contrary to the fake-news story published by the Sunday Star not so long back (we will keep you updated on that issue).

Tommy goes into more detail about his incarceration, what the judges ruling meant to him, his mental health and perhaps more importantly, his APPEAL!

Original Letter from Tommy Robinson

One thing about Tommy, and certainly for any of those who know him personally, is that he is a FIGHTER!

Tommy hasn’t given up, this absurd politically motivated prosecution, judgement and sentence has only inspired him to fight even harder. He wants to fight the established political class, he wants to expose their corruption at the highest level, and he needs your help to do that!

Tommy’s appeal will cost a total amount of £84,000, 50% of which will need to be paid upfront to secure his legal team’s services. The government have done their best to break him mentally and physically; they also seek to destroy him financially with ongoing legal fees.

Can you help Tommy?

Here is a copy of Tommy’s legal fees so you can see them for yourselves:

Tommy Robinsons Appeal Costs

Tommy Robinsons Appeal Costs

If you can consider helping Tommy in any way financially, he would be over the moon, this man takes beatings and prison sentences to expose corruption and speak truth to power! We need to support this man, a true hero and leader in the fight against Islamisation and the corruption within our political and judicial system.

It’s time to take our country back!

Dont forget to get into London for the Free Tommy Demo tomorrow at Oxford Street!

God bless you all, keep fighting, and never, ever surrender!

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