Frank Magnitz AfD- Attacked – Antifa Threaten Venue Owner

by TR News
Frank Magnitz after being attacked

Frank Magnitz after being attacked


Frank Magnitz is an MP for the German party AfD (Alternative for Germany). The party is “Eurosceptic” and takes on issues that surround Islam and Immigration. When a political party chooses a platform like that, it is immediately labelled as “far-right” by the press.

Frank Magnitz was attacked from behind in an alley earlier this year by three hooded men, supposedly by some far-left opposition who dont like what he and his party stand for.

If the press continually talks up the “far-right” narrative how do you think the general public will perceive that? Does the loaded term “far-right” not conjure up images of SS hit squads goose stepping their way into a crowd of non-whites to deal with them?

The press love to conjure up sensational imagery to better paint their own agendas, they have to take their fair share of the blame for the worsening of political discourse and for the encouragemnet of real fascists to perpetrate acts of political violence. That seems to be an acceptable norm these days.

In the video below Frank talks about how a venue he had booked was suddenly inundated with calls from the likes of Antifa who not only threatened the venue owner but also his family if he went ahead and honoured the booking.

Who are the real fascists here?



The video below shows how Frank Magnitz was attacked from behind by three men, leaving him with some prety serious injuries (as per featured image).




We want to give everyone the chance to decide whether or not the AfD is “far-right,” we encourage you to have a look at their political manifesto, at least you can make up your own mind rather than buying into the medias pre-spun narratives.


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