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Tommy Robinson On TikTok

Twitter banned him; Facebook cancelled him, YouTube limited him, and the UK media hate him. Follow Tommy On Social Media – TikTok!

Relying On Communists

We still live in Orwellian times, Tommy Robinson, the enemy of the British state, is banned, censored, slandered, de-platformed and defamed all across western social media platforms.

Who would have thought Russian and Chinese social media entrepreneurs would be the ones who provide Tommy with a social media presence? Who would have dreamed that Russia and China would be the countries that provide a platform for Tommy to exercise his freedom of speech?

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The irony isn’t lost on any of us. The UK government pressurises western social media giants to keep Tommy silent, to prevent him from reaching a critical mass of followers, to reduce his reach and his effect on public opinion.

You can follow Tommy on TikTok by clicking HERE.

You can follow Tommy on Telegram by clicking HERE.

When western social media giants and western governments collaborate to squash free-speech and censor dissenting voices who do you turn to?

Russian and Chinese entrepreneurs.

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