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Fascistbook They Know Who You Are

Everybody with an ounce of common sense knows that Facebook has a very liberal left-wing bias that punishes free-speech. Now they have to own ALGORITHMIC DISCRIMINATION.

Fascistbook has been outed time and time again for how they demote bad content, deboost livestreams, classify users as “trolls” based on vocabulary, and triggering “special features” on the lead up to important elections.

Facebook has done all these things while also deplatforming anyone they consider Persona-Non-Grata, like our very own Tommy Robinson. The irony here is that CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly defended “deeply offensive” free speech, arguing that even Holocaust deniers have a right to express their views on the platform.

Just don’t upset or expose those who follow the religion of peace eh Mark?

On the 17th of June, we exposed Facebook as the hypocrites they are; they were happy to ban Tommy from their platform yet give a potentially paedophilic “child lovers” group the means to recruit, groom, message, organise and share content on their platform?

You can find that HERE.

Facebook, with good reason, did not want that story getting out too much in the public sphere.

We can now say that Fascistbook, only after being exposed, has finally taken that group down. Or perhaps (and potentially more likely) the individual who created the group did it?

Either way its a victory for us here at TR.News and more importantly, a win for child protection. Paedophiles do not and should not have the means to recruit, groom, message, organise and share content online FULL STOP!

TR.News Gets Pro-Paedophile Group Removed From Facebook

TR.News Gets Pro-Paedophile Group Removed From Facebook


Anyway, we digress, back to the original point we were making. How far has Facebook gone to ensure the silencing of truth-telling dissenters like Tommy Robinson?

For a social media company that cloaks itself in “diversity” and “tolerance”, it now punishes anyone who mentions “he who must not be named” (no we are not talking about Lord Voldemort), Tommy Robinson.

Unfortunately, Facebook suffers from ALGORITHMIC DISCRIMINATION, in other words, it can’t seem to distinguish between “he who must not be named” and a 70’s punk lead man for the Tom Robinson Band – Tom Robinson, or perhaps more accurately Thomas Robinson.

A Twitter user (whose details we have removed for security reasons) posted that a mere mention of Tommy Robinson resulted in a 30-day ban. That’s Fascistbook justice when someone commits such a repugnant crime.

Twitter User Banned From facebook Mentioning The Name Tommy Robinson

Twitter User Banned From facebook Mentioning The Name Tommy Robinson

There are many, many variations of the name Thomas – Tom, Tommy, Tommie, Tommey, Tomm etc. etc. etc.

Who would have thought that an online mention of a 70’s punk band lead singer would lead to such a slap on the hand?

It seems that Facebook’s Fascist-Free-From-Speech Algorithm cannot understand the context of a conversation, even so, it faithfully executes instant justice for the mere mention of “he who must not be named”. Fascistbook’s algorithm does not care if it wasn’t our Tommy Robinson who was the topic of online discussion.

Facebook portrays itself as a free-speech platform that values diversity while fighting discrimination; however, Project Veritas put that propaganda to the sword.

You can read about that HERE.

It’s bad enough that Facebook staff openly and unabashedly discriminate against those who don’t conform to leftist speech codes, but their algorithm too?

Maybe “Fascistbook” is an appropriate name after all.

Can you find “Hitler” on Fascistbook?

Facebook Loves Hitler, And Hitler Loves Facebook

Facebook Loves Hitler, And Hitler Loves Facebook

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