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Andy Ngo, a victim of violent ANTIFA thuggery, speaks to Tucker Carlson at Fox News. Andy explains what happened to him in Portland while documenting a so-called Anti-Fascist demonstration.

We have been keeping an eye on what happened to Andy Ngo, a Conservative Journalist who works for Quillette. He suffered brutal injuries carried out by members of Far-Left Fascist ANTIFA.


Unsurprisingly Andy said he has received little to no support from the political left in America after, namely those who are members of the Democratic Party.

It seems that attacking journalists who do not conform to a Far-Left ideology have it coming to them. It’s justifiable violence in their minds – nothing to see here, carry on!

If the boot was on the other foot, lets say some right-winger beating a journalist, there would be 24/7 mainstream media outrage for weeks.

Members of the Democratic Party have openly called for confrontation against those who reject subjugation from Far-Left Fascist ideologues.

The Democrat Party of Jim Crow, Segregation, Slavery and the Ku Klux Klan have poisoned the political waters of the USA.

You can refer back to previous articles covering the despicable attack on Andy Ngo HERE and HERE and HERE.

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