Fakebook’s Fallacious Flippant Fraudulent Fact-Finders

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Fakebook And Fake-Facts

Facebook uses independent third-party “fact-checkers” to control what they see as fake news. How do Fakebook’s Fallacious Flippant Fraudulent Fact-Finders work though?

Politicians Can Have Free Speech – You Cant!

On the 24th of September Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications and former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg spoke at the Atlantic Festival in Washington DC. What Nick had to say had us roaring with laughter.

You can find that HERE.

It has come to pass that Facebook came to the conclusion they needed to change their “attitude towards political speech on the platform”. At first glance, this kind of comment had us all turning heads, could Facebook have finally come to their senses about freedom of speech and political discourse?

When Nick said Facebook has a “fundamental belief in free expression and respect for the democratic process”, we thought, perhaps, there was a small chance for real change, was the giant social media platform about to change its ways? Have studies of anti-Conservative bias reaped any rewards in the fight for a marketplace of free speech and free ideas?

No, not really!

Free Speech For The Privileged

The big hoo-har ended up being much ado about nothing really. It was nothing more than a PR stunt, one that gave the average user of Facebook absolutely NOTHING. People want to exercise their freedom of speech without corporate shackles binding them to their accepted left-leaning speech codes. People want to share alternative news sources and stories to counter the fake news of mainstream media.

The rich, privileged political elites, however, are now allowed to say pretty much what they want on the platform, they are also entitled to post alternative news sources. They are allowed to do this; you are not! Facebook have checked their privilege and concluded politicians have enough of it to allow them this kind of online freedom.

Nick said that Facebook doesn’t believe that:

… it’s an appropriate role for us to referee political debates and prevent a politician’s speech from reaching its audience and being subject to public debate and scrutiny. That’s why Facebook exempts politicians from our third-party fact-checking program.

Although sounding somewhat better for politicians who are ideological opposition for silicon valley left-wing extremists, Facebook has left a little caveat. If deemed necessary, they can still demote politicians posted content and then display related information from “fact-checkers” to counter it. Facebook can also reject the inclusion of such information in advertisements. They can do this because Facebook utilises many third-party “fact-checkers”. One of the two used in the UK is, of course, Full Fact. You can find that information HERE.

Facebook Confirms FullFact As A Third Party Partner

Facebook Confirms FullFact As A Third Party “Fact-Checking” Partner

Fact-Checking Fact-Checkers

While Tommy Robinson was serving time in Belmarsh Category A prison for making a Muslim child rapist ANXIETY, we published an article titled “Fact-Checking Fallacious Fake-Facts”. You can find that article by clicking HERE.

fullfacts.org own fake-facts!

FullFacts Own Fake-Facts!

The fullfact.org website has made a false claim that we fact-checked ourselves. We provided proof to counter their claim that Tommy Robinson was not prosecuted for causing distress to defendants in a grooming trial. We even sent them an email linking to the article advising them of their error and kindly asked them to correct their mistake. We sent them that email back on the 16th of August to two of their email addresses – feedback@fullfact.org and media@fullfact.org.

Email Complaint Sent To FullFact

Email Complaint Sent To FullFact

To this day, we have not received a reply, neither has the article in question been corrected on their website, which ironically promotes FAKE NEWS! Tommy was prosecuted for causing ANXIETY (or distress) to a Muslim paedophile child rapist.

Nick confirmed that Facebook exempts politicians from its third-party fact-checking program, and it’s a policy that’s been on the books for over a year now. Unfortunately, that policy EXCLUDED Tommy Robinson while he was running his political MEP campaign thus denying him a social media reach to the British electorate.

Facebook Policy Over A Year Old

Facebook Policy Over A Year Old

The Telegraph yesterday confirmed that:

Facebook declined to publicly state what it defines as a politician but said that the far-right activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known as Tommy Robinson, would remain banned from the site, despite standing in the European elections earlier this year.

You can find that article HERE.

If you would like to read the fullfact.org report on the Facebook third-party fact-checking programme and its various criticisms of it just click HERE.

We would strongly advise both Facebook and FullFact to get their facts straight and be consistent before they proselytise their virtuous unfactual inconsistencies to the general public.

We see through you!

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