If this is the journalism of 2020 we really are doomed

by Avi Yemini

The mainstream media is absolutely butthurt at some of us who keep bringing FACTS to the bushfire debate in Australia.

So much so that ABC News decided to push back by inviting a respected scientist to answer the tough questions.

The journalist asked, “what do you say to people who present EVIDENCE that we’ve always experienced catastrophic bushfires and heatwaves?”

Then the so-called expert, one of the scientists they keep telling us to listen to; answers, “the thermometers must have been in the sun”.

Like we’re all idiots if we don’t dismiss any weather records that don’t back up his climate-change theory.

Records were not just taken from one thermometer “out in the sun”, they were recorded based on the average of thousands of them in each location.

I do not deny climate change exists. We’ve been recording climate and weather patterns for approx 100 years now; we know it fluctuates, it changes all the time.

No one really knows if or how much humans impact any changes. Everyone is guessing.

But if your guess or ‘science’ is ignoring the millions of years before we even started recording; or in this case, even some of the recorded history, just because it proves your theory wrong – excuse me for not taking you and Greta Thunberg seriously.

Let’s treat our planet well, including using renewables, as long as it doesn’t mean giving up 57% of our export industry, thousands of jobs OR make it too expensive to switch on a bloody light – all because some bloke on ABC is guessing climate change caused bushfires that we’ve always experienced, or some child who doesn’t even bother going to school said so.

If this is the standard of ‘journalism’ and ‘science’ in 2020, we really are doomed.

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