FAILED Islamic School In Wolverhampton Still Open?

by TR News
Ofsted Inadequate

OFSTED is the regulatory body in charge of inspecting schools to ensure they meet the educational needs of children. A failed Islamic school in Wolverhampton still open?

Wolverhampton Central Mosque

An Islamic Preparatory School is attached to Wolverhampton Central Mosque which is part of the Wolverhampton Mosque Trust. The charity commission indicates that the aim of the trust is “the advancement of Islam through education, training and briefings” and that it provides “buildings and facilities” to facilitate that aim.

Wolverhampton Mosque Trust "Advancing Islam"

Wolverhampton Mosque Trust “Advancing Islam”

You can find that HERE.

The mosque runs an Islamic Preparatory School, and on the fifth of February this year Ofsted visited the school to carry out its regulatory obligations. During a “standard inspection” Ofsted found the school to be “inadequate”.

Ofsted - Failing Islamic School

Ofsted – Failing Islamic School

You can find that report HERE.

The school, when previously inspected, was rated as inadequate even then which tells us that the school did not make the necessary changes to improve.

Islamic “Education”

We know from our research the mosque is managed by Pakistanis who are part of the Deobandi sect of Islam. Deobandis are an ultra-conservative and backward sect of Islam. Deobandis are responsible for the rise of the Taliban, which should go some way to explaining how “advanced” their form of Islam is.

You can find that information HERE.

Wolverhampton Mosque managed By Pakistani Deobandis

Wolverhampton Mosque Managed By Pakistani Deobandis

The Ofsted website shows that after a terrible inspection in February, another inspection was carried out on the twenty-fifth of September. That means the school had over six months to make all the necessary improvements ready for another visit by the school regulator.

The headteacher notified the Department for Education that the school had closed which they received on the twenty-third of September. However, an Ofsted inspector actually found the school still operating when attempting to carry out another inspection on the twenty-fifth of September. The headteacher refused the Ofsted inspector access to the school to carry out another inspection, in fact, he told the inspector although the school is providing tuition it does not need to be registered with the DfE and, therefore, should not be inspected at all. He said this is because the children now only receive “part-time” education which is a smart way of circumventing regulations.

You can find that HERE.

Ofsted Denied Access To School

Ofsted Denied Access To School

Ofsted has since updated their website to reflect that the school is “closed” after all? You can find that HERE.

Ofsted Confirms School "Closed"

Ofsted Confirms School “Closed”

A spokesperson from the Department for Education said:

“..any person who conducted an unregistered school would be breaking the law and subject to further action.”

The spokesperson also went on to say:

“It is illegal for any person to conduct an unregistered independent school. We have always been clear that where schools are operating illegally, action will be taken. Where we find evidence that a school is operating unlawfully we will not hesitate to take action working with the police, Ofsted and CPS as necessary.”

There seems to be a pattern emerging in as much as “Islamic schools” that fail Ofsted inspections suddenly reduce the number of schooling hours and pupils attending to get around regulatory requirements.

Six of the last seven recent cases where “private schools” have “failed children and parents by providing substandard education, and in the most serious cases, putting children at risk” have been “Islamic”.

You can find that information HERE.

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