Fact: Men Menstruate, So No Arguments – Period!

by TR News
Because Men MENstruate!

Always – keeping men fresher, drier, feeling more confident even when wearing skinny white jeans. Fact: men menstruate, so no arguments – period!

Members Menstruating

We live in a clown world, boys can be girls, girls can be boys, school curriculums will back up these “facts”, and now men can menstruate! Few people know that since the dawn of time, men have ovulated, gestated, and given birth to children. When the lining of a man’s uterus sheds he will endure painful cramps, his uterus will contract causing complications with school, work and various social activities.

The Sanity Of Sanitation

As humans evolved, we managed to create products to help men get through the bleeding discomfort of periods. The sanitary products of Always played a significant part in emancipating men from the horrors and stigma of their haemorrhaging hamptons. Because of sanitary companies like Always, men now feel fresher, drier and more confident in going about their daily business. However, sanitary companies have not yet come up with a solution to men’s pre-menstrual tensions, mood swings, anger issues and plate throwing tantrums. Men pray for the day when sanitary companies like Always realise our need for emotional emancipation as well as something super absorbent. Matriarchal fascists have ignored our emotional needs during our “special time of the month”, chocolates just don’t cut it any more. Down with the matriarchy!

The Insanity Of Sanitation

The age of clown world is more a matter of fact than fiction these days, and the forever outraged “trans movement” have played an enormous part in making clown world a modern-day reality. Always, the go-to brand for women’s sanitary products have finally realised just how insensitive and bigoted they have been, thirty-five years after they launched!

Ben Saunders, a transgender campaigner, tweeted to Always:

“Could someone from Always tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products?
There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!”

Always immediately responded with gratuitous pandering and took a knee for the transgender agenda. Always and their marketing team capitulated just as Neville Chamberlain did to Adolf Hitler. They responded:

“For over 35 years, Always has championed girls and women, and we will continue to do so.
We’re also committed to diversity and inclusion, and after hearing from many people across genders and age groups, we realised that not everyone who has a period and needs to use a pad identifies as female.
To ensure that anyone who needs to use a period product feels comfortable in doing so with Always, we updated our pad wrapper design.”

Feminist activists who usually shout at the patriarchy to “stay out of their uterus” are now incensed at “men” coercing a sanitary brand into removing the female venus sign from the packaging of their products. Men have periods too you know!

Despicable Matriarchal Symbolism

Despicable Matriarchal Symbolism

Feminist campaigner Julie Bindel said:

“We’re now moving towards the total elimination of women’s biology. The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades. This is pure cowardice and virtue signalling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda.”

TransActual, an online campaigner for “people of trans” tweeted a comment that had some brilliant replies. Feminists and the “people of trans” cannot share a safe space together. Get your popcorn at the ready because the left will continue to eat its own.

TransActually A Complete Moron

TransActually A Complete Moron

Meanwhile, back on planet sanity, we took time to check out the NHS website, and we found them to be intolerant trans-hating fascists. Who would have thought that a simple google search would find a page that explains the menstrual cycle of…..

Wait for it…..


You can find that HERE.

The NHS "Keeping It Real"

The NHS “Keeping It Real”

We wonder how long it will take the NHS to change that page detailing a WOMAN’S menstrual cycle, because, let’s face it, it’s damn right transphobic!



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