Facebook Punishes Positivity Yet Promotes Hate?

by TR News

Peter Andreas Münster is Facebook’s Head of Communications for the Nordic Region. Now it’s official – Facebook punishes positivity yet promotes hate?

Only Negative Disparaging Language Allowed

A Facebook executive comes clean about the fascistic nature of the social media giant. If you were to post ANYTHING positive about Tommy Robinson on Facebook, you would have the post deleted; you will be warned, possibly suspended or even purged from the site forever.

If you were to post something about Tommy Robinson that has negative connotations, something abusive, or perhaps some unflattering fake-news about him, that is absolutely fine!

If fact, it’s not just fine, it is encouraged, promoted, it is perfectly acceptable to denigrate, defame and slander a man who cannot defend himself on the giant social media platform. Neither can he put to rest any fake-news stories posted on the site.

Statistics Matter – Numbers Matter

Facebook has 37 MILLION users in the UK and 2.3 BILLION monthly active users worldwide. All of these users would only get to see, read, or hear negative things about Tommy Robinson. They won’t get to see or hear the truth behind the man, which is exactly what Facebook wanted; it’s exactly what the British media and the political elites wanted.

People will only see what mainstream media have to say about him. People will generally only be able to read negative posts about him, unless that is, people take the time to look for TR.News and some other ostracised “politically incorrect” websites guilty of publishing the truth.

Tommy Robinson was so popular with MILLIONS of people following him and his work. He had a broad and diverse reach because people would take an interest in what he had to say, what he reported on, you know, the kind of stuff that establishment “journalists” won’t touch.

Telling the truth is definitely a revolutionary act, but it comes with a cost. Social media giants want Tommy painted as a far-right racist caricature, something he is not, never has been and never will be.

Direct link to Rair Foundation article and video click HERE

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