Facebook BANS reports on Tommy Robinson trial

by Avi Yemini

Since Tommy Robinson’s extraordinary ban from Facebook last month, Facebook has gone above and beyond to delete and ban any “pro-Tommy” content from their platform.

Many users have taken to the social-media platform to vent their frustration on having posts removed and being banned for uploading photos or even articles in support of Mr Robinson.

Facebook has continuously cited its “community standards” as justification for their actions.

Content defaming Tommy Robinson continues to spread on the platform, some even going viral with no intervention by the social-media giant.

Today, I had my post removed and was banned for sharing the TR.NEWS report on the current trial where Mr Robinson is suing the Police. My attached comment was “This!”.

Facebook has once again failed to provide a precise “community standard” clause I breached with this post.

Is “This!” now banned too?


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