EXPOSING The Ideology Of Hypocrisy And Race Hate

by TR News

Sasha the Black Lives Matter Matter activist has turned full on militant. EXPOSING The Ideology Of Hypocrisy And Race Hate.

Marxism 101

Last week we put out a video exposing the vile, vitriolic race hate of Sasha, a Black Lives Matter leader/activist from Oxford. You can watch that video by clicking HERE.

Since that video went out Tommy watched her give a speech where she called for setting up a Black Lives Matter militia, a call to violence. Marxism has racism and violent revolition at its ideological root and Sasha is now playing the part of a violent revolutionary, just like her hero Karl Marx the racist.

Tommy calls out the hypocricy of Sasha and the ideology that drives the Black Lives Matter movement. Do black people really know anything about Karl Marx? Did Sasha’s white Marxist handler tell her about Karl Marx’s propensity for racism and his dislike for racial mixing?


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