EXPOSING Neo-Marxist Roots Of Black Lives Matter

by TR News

Are black people one homogenous monolith who all think and speak the same? EXPOSING Neo-Marxist Roots Of Black Lives Matter.

The Poison Of Neo-Marxism

The Black Lives Matter movement is just another evolutionary step of Marxism – they use the power dynamic of the oppressor v’s the oppressed to push their ideological agenda. BLM Neo-Marxists replace “bourgeoisie” with “white people” and “proletariat” with “black lives” to further their poisonous race-baiting narrative.

In this interview Tommy speaks with Luke Reid who has researched the Black Lives Matter organisation and it’s leadership. Luke goes into some detail about the power dynamic used by Neo-Marxists and explains how he, as a black man, cannot support Black Lives Matter as an orgainsation or as a movement.


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