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Let us start by saying that all of us here at TR News have nothing but admiration, respect and honour for British Armed Forces; they are the very best of us.

Although there are considerable restrictions on political freedoms that are placed on members of our armed forces, The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers “recommended that members of the armed forces should have freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and association with others (complying with Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights).”

You can find that information HERE.

Please take note, the Council Of Europe are a separate entity to the European Union although they do have a memorandum of understanding which you can find HERE.

It is with regret we feel compelled to expose the politicisation of the British Army, no doubt from the “top brass” and their friends in government. The regular salt of the earth, working-class backbone of the British Army are provided “indicators of the extreme right-wing.” In other words, self-described references such as “patriot/s” is an extreme right-wing leaning, as is a criticism of “multicultural areas.” Even highlighting “political correctness” and referencing that to the “left-wing” is an indicator of white supremacy it would seem?

How grotesque is that?

The Army top brass is saying – keep your mouths shut, keep your opinions to yourself, if you don’t, we expect people to inform us through a chain of command or via the Army Warning, Advisory and Reporting Point (WARP), we can then take necessary measures against any recruit for the crime of “freedom of thought and expression.”


Army top brass are trying to replace the working-class rank and file with social justice warriors, good luck sending those precious little snowflakes into a warzone!

Don’t get us wrong here; we certainly are not advocating for a recruitment drive of bone-headed Nazi idiots not that you will ever find that many of them in the UK, they would not be very welcome in the Army anyway. What we are doing is merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the Army top brass, because they are politicised. The “top brass” have provable links with Islamist organisations, take “advice” from them, and also have people linked to them who are actively working within the Army as well! These things have happened with the blessing of our political elites, of course!

Then the Army “top brass” have the “brass neck” to pump out social justice warrior bullshit like this?

You may remember the British Army recently put out a new recruitment video, the video shows a Muslim soldier taking time out for ablution and prayer, the scene in the video seems to indicate a warzone comparable to that of Afghanistan. All the other British soldiers stop what they are doing out of “respect.” During the Muslim soldier’s prayer a radio transmission comes through, the “comms” soldier went to answer and was prevented by his colleague who held his hand up, you can even hear gunfire in the background while this is going on. As if this would be a sensible thing to do in a warzone? Surely if critical comms come through that would be prioritised over silence for Muslim prayer time? Surely if you heard gunfire, you would make it your priority to take cover and find out where those shots were coming from? Oh no, you would do nothing and wait for your colleague to finish his prayer, of course! After speaking to current and ex-military personnel we have come to the conclusion this video is Hollywood PC nonsense and not really a true reflection of the reality on the ground. We are prepared to be proven wrong on that point, it just doesn’t make sense to us.

You can take a look at the video yourselves HERE.

The video was criticised for “being too PC,” Forces Network published comments from Colonel Richard Kemp, he said the new campaign showed an Army “being forced down a route of political correctness”. Retired Major General Tim Cross was reported in the Metro as saying “We are not going to be soft and we are not going to be nice to people.” You can see that article HERE.

Ok, so let’s make a start, bear with us as we put all of the pieces of this jigsaw together, you can reference all of the links we provide to you with relevant screen grabs, this is going to be pretty rough, it’s VERY concerning.

Cast your minds back to a few articles we published on “Islamophobia” you can find them HERE and HERE and HERE.

Harun Khan is the current Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain and one of the drivers for a new definition of “Islamophobia” something that came under some scrutiny from The National Police Chiefs Council, which you can see HERE.

Harun Khan Islamophobia

You can watch a video of Harun Khan HERE “re-branding” the MCB after it was exposed and criticised for its links to Islamist groups and terrorist organisations, as a consequence it fell out of favour with the British government. He comes across as being very “moderate” and very “reasonable”, but that is perhaps only one of the two faces he has. What Harun Khan says and what he does or doesn’t do definitely raises pertinent questions.

So Harun Khan is the new “moderate” face of the “re-branded” MCB. Let’s check out his “moderate” credentials, shall we?

Harun is a trustee at Redbridge Islamic Centre as you can see HERE.

Harun Khan Redbridge Islamic Centre

He played a massive part in the #VisitMyMosque campaign that was officiated by the Muslim Council Of Britain. As Harun is so “moderate” and makes a case for the punishment of extremists (as per the BBC video link above) let’s investigate some lovely Muslims who have spoken at and even been part of the management structure of his mosque.

Redbridge Islamic Centre hosted CAGE, an organisation wholly in bed with extremists and terrorists. They referred to “Jihadi John” (the man responsible for beheading Western hostages for ISIS) as being a “beautiful young man.” You can read more about CAGE HERE.


Then there is Ismail Menk who spoke at Redbridge Islamic Centre, he tried to sue the BBC for libel, unfortunately for him, Justice Haddon-Cave said he “clearly promotes and encourages violence in support of Islam and espouses a series of extremist Islamic positions”.

You can find that information HERE.

There is so much more you can find out about Harun Khan and his mosque affiliating, promoting and protecting Muslim extremists, click HERE to find out more.

It’s not surprising that he’s a good friend of Jeremy Corbyn as you can see in the photo below, where good ol Jezza sat with him at the MCB leadership dinner in April 2018.

Jeremy Corbyn And Harun Khan

Let us ask you, at this point and after looking at all these links, do you think that Harun Khan, the current Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, is a true “moderate” or do you think he wants to project an image that hides his true intentions?

For someone who is happy for Muslim extremists being punished, he’s deadly silent about his own mosque affiliations. Why is that?

But let’s not stop there, there’s much worse to come from the Muslim Council Of Britain.

The MCB’s ex-deputy secretary-general, Daud Abdullah, signed the Istanbul Declaration, critics of the MCB have interpreted that as calling for violence against Israel and condoning attacks on British troops. Because it does!

You can find the Istanbul Declaration HERE.

That’s right, the MCB’s deputy general at the time signed onto a declaration that legitimised, even advocated the murder of British troops!

You just can’t make this up.

Now we can take a look at “Sir” Iqbal Sacranie, a former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, he was put forward for a knighthood by the Labour party (obviously).

Sir Iqbal Sacranie has many links to Islamist movements like Jamaat-i-Islami and Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, both are found in Pakistan. You can see that information HERE.

Sir Iqbal and his colleague, Inayat Bunglawala at the MCB, expressed admiration for the late Maulana Maududi, the founder of the Jamaat-i-Islami party in Pakistan. You can find that HERE.

Maulana Maududi (maulana meaning a Muslim man revered for his religious learning or piety) wrote a book appropriately titled Al Jihad Fil Islam. In that book, he states the following….

“It must now be obvious that the objective of the Islamic jihad is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system, and establish in its place an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confirm this rule to a single state or to a handful of countries. The aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution. Although in the initial stages, it is incumbent upon members of the party of Islam to carry out a revolution in the state system of the countries to which they belong; their ultimate objective is none other than a world revolution.”

(Jihad in Islam by AA Mawdudi, chapter 3, p10)

You can find that quote HERE.

Or you can buy Maududi’s book from Amazon!

How ironic is that? It’s impossible to purchase Tommy’s book “Mohammed’s Koran” from Amazon, yet there is no problem at all in purchasing Al Jihad Fil Islam by Maulana Maududi?

Al Jihad Fil Islam Available At Amazon!

We can pretty much agree at this point that Sir Iqbal has links to Islamist and terrorist groups like Hamas, he referred to them as “freedom fighters.” He has glorified suicide bombers as being comparable to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. He also attended a memorial service at the Central Mosque in London for Sheikh Yassin, the former “spiritual leader” of Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation.

You can find that information HERE.

On a final note about “Sir Iqbal,” Salman Rushdie (the author of the satanic verses) criticised him for saying that “death was perhaps too easy” for him. For what? Writing a book that offended many Muslims in the UK and abroad? Salman Rushdie had to live with 24-hour “special-branch” security after his book was published because of the threats made against him. Salman also criticised “Sir Iqbal” for boycotting a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony. We wonder why that happened?

The picture of the MCB is not one of tolerance, but one of intolerance and Islamic supremacy.

This is where we now come to the point of “Major” concern.

It is abundantly clear the Muslim Council of Britain has very odious links to terrorist organisations, it has individuals in positions of influence and power who are linked to Islamist and terrorist organisations, no matter how they “re-brand” with the fresh face of leadership, they have very disturbing affiliations and links to Islamist supremacists.

It is sad for us to confirm the Muslim Council of Britain have had and still have a direct and influential effect on the way British Armed Forces and personnel operate.

HERE you will find a PDF that links directly to the MCB, you will see that former MCB Secretary General Sir Iqbal Sacranie with former Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Michael Walker at an MCB event “encouraging greater engagement with the Muslim community.” See page 11.

MCB British Armed Forces

You will also notice on page 10 of the same PDF one Imam Asim Hafiz who is the first-ever Muslim chaplain to the British Armed Forces. The PDF also states he was there at the launch of the Armed Forces Muslim Association.

MCB British Armed Forces

Imam Asim Hafiz OBE founded the Armed Forces Muslim Association, you can find that information HERE.

You won’t really find very much wrong about Imam Asim Hafiz searching on the internet, he may well be a really decent guy, but there is a question, an obvious question, why the hell are our Armed Forces taking advice and direction from this man? WHY is he the Islamic Religious Adviser to the Chief of the Defence Staff at the UK Ministry of Defence?

Imam Asim Hafiz OBE is clearly cited as being an MCB chaplaincy committee officer, the secretary actually. A man who “guides” Muslim members of the armed forces, a man who advises the “top brass” which includes the MOD, a man who is absolutely 100% part of the Muslim Council Of Britain, an organisation with clear links to Islamist, militant and extremist groups both here in the UK and abroad!

You can find another link to him and the MCB HERE, take note, this document was published by the MCB as their annual report for 2009 – 2010, which means Imam Asim Hafiz was around before, during or just after the time his MCB colleague Daud Abdullah signed the Istanbul declaration! Given the likelihood that he was around at the time of the Istanbul Declaration debacle, we have found nothing online (as yet) where he condemns his MCB colleague Daud Abdullah for the justification of murdering our soldiers. You would think that as he is so “Pro Armed Forces” he would have done so, or at least there would be something to be found online outlining his outrage at such a justification?

Asim Hafiz MCB

Could we be forgiven for asking why the hell senior MCB representatives are in positions of influence at all? After all the MCB has many dodgy links with Anti-British, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Jew, Anti-Infidel organisations, they also have close ties to proscribed terrorist organisations.

Our politicians are utterly incompetent invertebrates, entirely in bed with individuals and organisations that have links to Islamic ideologues hell-bent on the destruction of democracy while furthering the fascistic nature of political Islam.

On the13th March 2009, Hazel Blears the then Labour secretary of state for communities and local government “broke ties” with the MCB due to their link to the Istanbul Declaration. You can read about that HERE.

The MCB “supposedly” hasn’t fared so well after that damage; however, it did not stop them from campaigning and influencing politicians and government policies. For example, the recent “definition of Islamophobia,” something that has been taken up by the new fresh “moderate” face of the MCB’s Harun Khan is supported by members of parliament, you can see that HERE.

Now we have come “full circle” and ask the question WHY has the Army produced a document that provides warning signs of those who are supposedly “far-right?”

Maybe part of the answer lies in this expose, of factual links to Muslim policy advisors. Perhaps it is also because of their relationship with the “far-left” and the likes of Jeremy Corbyn?

If you, like Tommy, highlight facts that provide a counter-narrative to the insidious infiltration of British politics and our Armed Forces, you will be punished, chased and taken down every legal and illegal avenue with the full might and blessing of the British state, imprisoning you along the way.

If you happen to be a Muslim who has clear odious links to Islamist organisations, terrorist groups and have an affinity for Islamic imperialism, you will be given a knighthood, or perhaps an OBE? You certainly won’t have the full might of the British political class de-platforming, un-personing, or imprisoning you for “wrong-think.”

To end on a more positive note, we recognise that Muslims who put on a British uniform, who fight for Queen and country are patriots (although saying that could infer Muslim soldiers are in fact, white supremacists). We hold anyone who serves in the British Armed Forces in high regard, in precisely the same way we hold Non-Muslim Armed Forces members.

Muslims have historically contributed to British wartime efforts, that fact should never be downplayed, ridiculed or discriminated. Lest we forget!

Perhaps the Ministry Of Defence and our swampy political elites should empower Muslims who really do love our country, who are willing to fight for the safety of our country and put their lives on the line.

The type of Muslim we have described you can read about HERE.

Perhaps they won’t, it would seem as though the Home Office is renewing links to “Islamic Hardliners” just like the Muslim Council Of Britain.

You can read about that HERE and HERE.

Perhaps that is the reason behind more Muslims fighting for ISIS than the British Armed Forces?

Perhaps the British Armed Forces “top brass” and the MOD need to be more concerned with individuals and groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood gaining a foothold, influencing our Armed Forces and government policy?

After all, in 2015 the House Of Commons was presented with an in-depth report as to the nature and mission of the Muslim Brotherhood, also its ties with the MCB.

“In the 1990s the Muslim Brotherhood and their associates established public facing and apparently national organisations in the UK to promote their views. None were openly identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, and membership of the Muslim Brotherhood remained (and still remains) a secret. But for some years the Muslim Brotherhood shaped the new Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), dominated the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and played an important role in establishing and then running the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

The document also states (among other things) that –

“Engagement with Government has at times been facilitated by what appeared to be a common agenda against al Qaida and (at least in the UK) militant salafism. But this engagement did not take account of Muslim Brotherhood support for a proscribed terrorist group and its views about terrorism which, in reality, were quite different from our own;

– aspects of Muslim Brotherhood ideology and tactics, in this country and overseas, are contrary to our values and have been contrary to our national interests and our national security.

Feel free to read that document HERE.

House Of Commons Report On The Muslim Brotherhood

So our government doesn’t take its own advice. A corrupt government that does not learn from its past mistakes, is doomed to repeat them!

Our Armed Forces deserve much better.

Lest we forget!


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