EXCLUSIVE – TR.News Speaks To Active Patriot

by TR News

Most people within the movement will know or will of heard of Active Patriot. EXCLUSIVE – TR.News Speaks To Active Patriot

Illegal Migration Flooding Britain

Around four thousand illegal migrants have crossed the channel from France this year only to land on beaches in the UK and apply for asylum. Illegal immigration is, without doubt, a “front and centre” topic right now, in part due to the likes of Nigel Farage, but also because of people within our movement. Patriots have taken it upon themselves to monitor, record and film a dire situation that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Active Patriot is a man on a mission; he has been documenting the arrival of illegal immigrants to our shores for many weeks now. His presence at ports seems to have upset the globalist political elites, the people who want to end national sovereignty and undermine the “homogeneity” of EU member states.

There is no better way to undermine national sovereignty and the “homogeneity” of the UK – uncontrolled illegal immigration. Today we spoke to Active Patriot about the work he has been doing and what happened when he was arrested for filming illegal immigrants who made their way to the UK from France.

Here is a summary of what he said to us in his own words….

They stitched me right up (the police) today. But let me tell you this from the start. I went there (Dover) because I knew there would be record-breaking numbers due to the weather conditions. I thought ill go there, get the footage and get it out there. I saw the illegal migrants getting off the boat, so I got to a public link car park and filmed them all coming in. I was quick to realise this wave of illegals were mainly families, lots of women and children (for a change), it was a family day for the human traffickers, something the mainstream press love to write and report on.

I filmed them for a good forty-five minutes to an hour, then the police turned up, they said I was trespassing and that I had breached bylaw 45 at Dover harbour. The police read me my rights; they said they could remove me by force, which they did. A policewoman dug her nails into my arm as she applied force to remove me from the area, the male police officer grabbed me by the elbow, as he did that he was pushing his fingers into my elbow joint as they moved me on. I took the piss out of them having a laugh and joke because I knew I hadn’t broken any law, it was ridiculous. That was my first encounter with the police that day. After that I thought ok, let’s get back to my digs for a brew, I’ve got the footage.

I knew the next boat was coming in; I could see it from the other side of the harbour, so I quickly run round to the car park again. This time I could see there was a baby, a newborn baby in like an insulated grey pizza type of bag, the sort that pizza delivery drivers use, so I thought right I’m filming this, there were loads of kids laid out on the floor. All I could think about was ISIS using these “family runs” across the channel to gain entry into the UK. Anyway, I noticed that while some of these illegals were walking freely, some were being held by border force officers by their arms which kind of told me there’s something not right with these ones. One of the five or six being held by border force looked like he had a Gucci tracksuit on, he looked proper dapper. So I’m filming all this as they were walking towards a coach, then the border force saw what I was doing, I quickly ran over to get closer to them, I carried on filming, the border force didn’t like that.

Illegal Immigration – Get A Grip!

They first told me I was on private property; I told them they were wrong. I was clearly standing on public property, its a public car park. Anyway, I carried on filming then I went over to the other side to film more walking across the nearby bridge. Then another border force officer told me that I was not allowed there, he told me I was only allowed on the public car park, so I moved away as he asked and walked back towards the public car park. Then border force told me I wasn’t allowed there either and that I was “breaching the law”. At this point I told them they weren’t police officers and they had no authority over me, “you cannot do anything about it sir” is what I said, the border force officer told me the police were on their way, and that they would remove me.

I said, fair enough. I will wait for them to arrive and remove me. When the police turned up, they told me I breached bylaw 45, read me my rights, told me they were reporting me and they could use force to remove me. Two coppers grabbed hold of my elbows; I had a bottle of Pepsi in one hand and my camera in the other hand. While the police are dragging me, I am trying to get loose, at this point, the police told me they were arresting me for breach of the peace. I said what do you mean a breach of the peace? Then he started twisting my arm to the point it felt like it was going to snap.

The police officer told me I “tensed up and clenched my fist”, and that was a breach of the peace, so that’s what I was arrested for. I said to him how the hell can I tense up and clench my fists when you have got hold of my arms; also I have a bottle of Pepsi and a camera in my hands? I was a little disturbed when he told me that he had been watching me and that “we” know everything about you. He told me he knew where I had been; he also knew I was claiming benefits! This copper turned to me and said he was preparing a long charge list for me. That means someone in the police, border force or the home office had got into my file and the department or work and pensions to obtain that information, I was shocked!

While I was sitting in the riot van for the best part of thirty minutes in the sweltering heat, the Police officer said to me “you are a free man of the land arent you? You like common law, don’t you?”. I said ok, so what’s this all about? He then told me that he was able to arrest me because of common law, for breach of the peace, and that meant I wasn’t getting out until I visit court the next day. He told me I was being put away for the day and laughed at me. On the way to Canterbury police station, the police officer kept telling me how much he knew about me, how he knew what hotels I have been staying in and that everyone has been watching me.

When I was presented at the police station they told me I was being charged for breach of the peace, they charged me for driving dangerously on an electric scooter (section 59), failing to stop on an electric scooter, and no insurance on an electric scooter. They did all of this and added all these charges because they didn’t want me filming illegal immigrants, they didn’t want me there. The police totally abused their powers. It was ridiculous!

If people want to know whether am I still going out to film all these illegal immigrants coming in from France, the answer is YES! I will be back out tomorrow!

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