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TR.News have been given information that raise grave concerns about the postal voting system, especially so with postal votes that have gone in favour of supporting Tommy Robinson during his MEP campaign.

One of Tommy’s supporters in the North West had a letter delivered from Manchester Council which explains WHY the postal vote was rejected and therefore not counted; you can see this letter below, all personal information has been blacked out to protect the identity of our source.

Our source has explained to us that the date of birth provided was, in fact, correct. The postal vote was checked thoroughly BEFORE it was sent, our source said that there was no way the date of birth was incorrect on the form.

We are currently waiting on evidence from the council to prove what they are alleging is true.

If you have any concerns of postal vote malpractice, if you have received anything similar from the council rejecting your postal vote for any reason at all, we want to hear from you.

You can email us at writers@tr.news with that information.

If you need to upload a file, please do not upload it to the email as we will not open it due to the risk of malware infecting our systems. Upload any files to this dropbox link, just copy and paste it into your browser:


Please make sure that any files you send will correspond with your email so we can identify the correct ones.

We may publish your files; however, we will make sure none of your personal information goes on the internet.

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